You Came Back for Me

My son was fine at daycare all day. Then my wife went to pick him up and when he saw her, he began crying and said, “you came back for me!” I can’t handle that kind of vulnerability! What was he thinking when she left, that she’d never come back? What does he think is the purpose of leaving them there all day? What do other kids think when they get dropped off?

I remember being left at a camp during the day and my mom being really late to pick me up. It made me sad and upset with her because the camp counselors had to wait with me and treat me differently. Why couldn’t she be on time? With no cell phones, it was impossible to get a status update, I just had to sit and wait.

I think that’s the reason I’m chronically early to things – sometimes uncomfortably early. I arrive to meetings too early with nowhere to wait beforehand and end up inside awkward conversations.

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