White Noise / Brown Noise

My trick for getting work done in a shared office space (since about 2010) has been the website Simply Noise. It’s a white noise generator. It was one of the first, although now there are dozens or hundreds of options online.

I enjoy the brown noise, a bit more bass than regular white noise. When I have it on, it feels like a brain massage – that’s the only way I can describe it.

It serves to help block out random conversations and it actually prods me to focus more on what I’m doing. It’s amazing.

I know my wife thinks white noise is obnoxious and can’t stand it. For different people, it can be irritating or not useful, but it’s been amazing for me.

I even paid for an app on my phone to be able to use it wherever I am. This app has helped me put our babies to sleep – they love white noise. I’ve been told it reminds them of the constant background noise of being inside the womb.

White noise in the background helps me get more done and block out distractions, almost like blinders for my ears. I’m really grateful I found it all those years ago.

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