What’s Really Important

“I just want to get through this week.”

This is something I hear from friends and family when a particularly stressful week is here. Or:

“I just want to get through the holidays.”

I catch myself feeling this way sometimes, but I have tried lately to take offense to this. I think the biggest mindset shift for me occurred when reading Wait but Why’s post about our Life in Weeks (I know I’ve linked it before, but I love it). 

Our life is made up of weeks that we are hurrying through. We only get a certain amount of holiday seasons.  We don’t know what’s around the next corner, and to pretend to know is foolish. We know our bodies age, we know accidents happen, we know people get fired. What if this is the last week your life is normal before some big change ahead?

I struggle to do this, but writing about it helps me – live in the moment, every moment. Don’t wish for the future, don’t pine for the past. All you have is now and nothing can change that.

Wishing your weeks away leads to wishing your years away which leads to wishing your life away. Are you living a life you are hurrying through or one you are mindful and appreciative of? Not every moment is stunningly beautiful on the surface, but every moment is precious because it’s the only one.

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