Transparency is Necessary

It seems like everyone today is super comfortable sharing every bit about themselves online – photos, food, family, hopes, dreams, etc.

It also seems like being this open is a prerequisite for credibility in today’s world. I don’t disagree. Before I buy a book, trust an article, believe what I see in a video, I typically Google-stalk the originator to see what else they’ve done.

Are they nobodies or are they established resources?


I dabbled with the idea of living online & posting anonymously, but then I realized that defeats the purpose.

Why establish yourself as a brand and then fail to connect that brand with you as a person?

I understand that puts me out there for ridicule, which is probably what I’m most afraid of.

The second thing I’m most afraid of, is to not be successful or to fall off the wagon. I don’t like incomplete projects, but I think that remaining anonymous has allowed me to comfortably put projects aside when I lose the initial fire behind it.

In this forum, I want to keep a long-running collection of my thoughts, observations, experiments, successes and utter failures. I aim to post something daily, no matter how small, in order to open the floodgates of creativity that I’ve heard so much about (but never found).

I also intend this to serve as my ultimate long-term online home, as it is my name, no branding or other obfuscation to hide behind.

I hope it might help others, but at the very least, it’s meant to help me be open, transparent, creative and honest.