Toddler Language

Every time I see Sully, he has a new word or two that he is using a lot. His language learning is going through the roof at the moment and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

He repeats the last 2-3 words of whatever you say to him, as a kind of practice speaking. It’s awesome. ┬áHe also calls back to phrases from before. He kept repeating “stuck carwash” from the time he and my mom got stuck in a carwash when her car wouldn’t shift. It was probably a traumatic, or at least a bit odd, and it imprinted on him. That’ll be one I have to ask him about when he’s older, if he remembers it.

I am having a lot of fun watching him take in the world around him, learning words for things and seeing him enjoying the whole process. He loves to know that he can control situations with his words or actions.

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