I went to our Toastmasters club meeting last night and had a great time. It’s always something I still feel a little bit of hesitation attending, but always have a great time and learn a lot.

Our club is thriving with new members signing up at every meeting. Last night, our club president gave a moving speech about a loss in the family and then how he became an ordained buddhist monk. It was a touching story that I couldn’t have heard anywhere else.

Our table topics (that’s the impromptu portion where everybody gets to speak) was the little sayings that appear at the top of a teabag, aka banal platitudes.

Mine was “An attitude of gratitude brings opportunity.” I agreed with this notion and spoke about how we are working on learning about gratitude with my son.

I also touched on an earlier topic which was “patience pays”. I discussed how I’ve learned more about patience since being a dad than I ever had known before in my life. Patience with myself, my wife and my kids.

An earlier speaker spoke about how she went to the apple orchard and waited an hour to get donuts and apples. I mentioned that those are the kinds of situations parents avoid like the plague. We had recently gone to a cider mill in Dexter and had to wait about 15 minutes. My son was already fidgeting and wanted to get down. He was immensely interested in all of the food products on the shelves.

I made reference to how he would like to clear the shelfs and stomp on the apples. This got a laugh and somehow, I won best table topics speaker! I always view that as the most coveted because it’s so difficult to speak and entertain on a topic that you just heard. Plus, there are so many people in our club who excel at it so I never plan on winning. It was a pleasant surprise.


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