The Most Important Skill

The ability the change your mind is one of the most important skills you can acquire. Most people cannot or are slow to change their minds.

The problem is that the world is constantly changing, new information is coming to light, new regimes are coming to power, new research is being conducted, new controversies are being exposed.

Things change, that’s the one constant of life. Without the ability to adapt, you quickly get left behind.

One major obstacle for the masses is their ego. Admitting you’ve been wrong all this time is hard – it means your ego has to take a hit (that’s why Ryan Holiday says the Ego is the Enemy, great book).

One way to defeat the ego is to practice at it. Get used to saying you were wrong, you’re going to be wrong a lot. Detach from the pain you feel when you say it and eventually you won’t have any.

Another way to defeat the ego is to envision yourself as an unbiased observer of your own life. You are just watching yourself go through life acquiring new information and forming new opinions. When new information is available, you compare it to what you already have and make a change or maintain your old position. Justify either your new or old position, without emotion or ego.

If you detach from your emotion and make informed decisions with the information available to you, you are well on your way to having a great ability to change your mind.

Being receptive to new ideas is what allows for innovations, it allows for peace, it helps people interact and communicate. When you are staunchly opposed no matter what someone is saying, communication and innovation cease.


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