Small Wins

I have realized it’s important for me to have wins, however small, on any given day. I really don’t like not having the parts or the skill to finish a task I started – it feels unsatisfying.

Now that we’ve moved into a new house, I encounter that problem dozens of times per day! When I find something I can finish and look at as an accomplishment, it’s a relief to have gotten something done.

Luckily, the hardware store and most other stores I could ever need are only 5 minutes away, whereas at our old house, they were about 15 minutes away.

Yesterday I repaired a non-functioning toilet, collected some useful items we left at the old house and hung the key holder that we use in the front closet. They are small, but they add up.

I also have to learn to accept when something can’t be finished by me or on that particular day.

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