Return to Toastmasters

I haven’t been in awhile, until last night. I always miss it when I don’t go and I feel my skills suffer as a result. The only problem is the 2 hour weekly commitment. Now that Jess is out of the house more and not the only one watching kids, I don’t feel as guilty coming ┬áhome from work and immediately leaving after dinner on Wednesdays.

I volunteered on the spot to give a speech evaluation to a newer member who gave a fantastic speech on failure. I actually won the best evaluation award for the night, which was fun. His speech reminded me of the Rejection Proof book by Jia Jiang which was so enlightening as to why we are afraid of failing and being rejected. We don’t know what’s going to happen and we need to expect and practice it.

I still have a goal to complete the Distinguished Toastmaster achievement, so I need to get back into what is involved. I think I have 20 more speeches to give!

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