Rejection Proof

I read this book by Jia Jang awhile back and I really enjoyed it. It deals with fear of rejection by practicing being rejected.

This resonated with me because the premise is exposure to something that is terrifying, on a repeated basis, until you are completely comfortable being rejected. Then, you will more likely be willing to take on new and daring projects without any fear of rejection. 

Jia chronicles his 100 days of rejection. There was one “attempt at rejection” that stands out to me, I can still remember it without looking back at my notes. He dressed in full soccer gear, went to a random house in a neighborhood and knocked on a door. Once someone answered, he would ask if he could play soccer in their backyard.

Much to his surprise, the guy said yes! Imagine your surprise if someone came to your door asking to use your backyard for soccer – you’d wonder what the angle was.

This, much like Toastmasters, can rewire what causes anxiety in your brain. With repeated exposure and escalating risk of rejection, you would take on a more daring personality, willing to use what time we have here to attempt more interesting and fulfilling project.

Not everything is meant to be, and if we don’t get out there and try on many different attempts, we are less likely to find something that is truly meant for us to experience.

Check out his book and try your own rejection-proofing 30 day experiment.

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