Quick Reset

I’ve learned dozens of lessons from my kids in the 2+ years since having Sully. From being present, to staying calm, to not worrying about the little things and on and on. The one lesson that has stuck with me recently is the ‘quick reset’.

My son gets stubborn about doing things that need to get done, like putting on pajamas or brushing his teeth. I try my best to allow him the space and time to do things on his own, but sometimes I have to force the issue. This causes him to be mad and lash out usually. I haven’t found a way around this yet, but I hope to minimize it.

But, in just 30 seconds or so, he can completely reverse, change the subject and be ready to do something new. He forgets quickly and resets with no hard feelings. I want to be able to incorporate that skill into my life as well.

Being able to shed bad feelings and reset quickly is so valuable. How long do we dwell on things that we can’t change or are in the past?

There’s a quote that I can’t find about how man is the only animal who suffers 1000x for something done once. The suffering is because of our constant remembering and reliving of something. If only we could shed it and learn to live in the present, like a 2 year old can more easily do than we can.

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