Public Speaking Progress

Last night, I gave a speech at Toastmasters. The project was called Persuasive Speaking – Addressing the Opposition. You are supposed to pick a controversial topic and make your pitch the audience to consider your side. I didn’t have any trouble thinking of what I’d speak about: becoming vegan.

All I did was tell my story, the information I came across, in what order and the skepticism I felt over the years as I transitioned. I felt very comfortable giving this speech – it felt natural.

I went too long, my mistake for not timing myself prior, so I was not considered for best speech. 

I only have two speeches to give in this manual, one is a cold-call role play and the other is the persuasive leader. I will probably do the cold-call speech next because it sounds harder. I don’t particularly like role play in front of an audience, but once it’s done with, the last one should be a slam dunk.

I’m much more confident preparing speeches and I really enjoy it. I’m eager to get going on my next two Toastmasters manuals.

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