Parenting has brought up many new emotions in me, especially since we’ve had two kids. The one that stands out most is angry frustration. I always thought of myself as a calm, collected person, but I find I get triggered relatively easily with kids around.

The biggest thing for me is to notice it myself before reacting. I know what would feel good in the moment is to yell or worse. But if I do yell, I immediately feel bad and nobody learns anything.

Jess and I both started reading a book on this subject and it has helped quite a bit. It’s called The Awakened Family. One of the first points in the book is that we are the ones causing the issues, not the kids. The kids are living life, living in the moment. We, however, have expectations and schedules and plans that they don’t know about.

It’s been a great learning experience so far and I already can notice improvements.

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