My helper

My son’s favorite thing to do is whatever I’m doing. He wants to help constantly. We assembled my incline bench last night and he was right there handing me washers and trying to screw parts together. It’s the best.

First year

Cece’s first year feels like it went so fast. I’m sure that’s how it goes for all second children. She seems so grown up food a one year old. She’s making fake sentences, walking 8 steps and loves playing games. I have enjoyed every minute.

Wedding out west

We had an unofficial high school reunion in Western Michigan yesterday. It was a beautiful night and we got to see lots of old friends, which was awesome. Everyone is grown up, married and most have kids or plan on it. It’s fun to see where everybody is in their lives and to talk about our old lives too.


I had a great time working hard in Detroit yesterday. The weather was perfect, overcast and breezy. We made a huge dent in the overgrown lots on Burlingam. 

It’s really satisfying to put in a whole days physical effort and to so with so many other motivated people. I definitely want to be more involved with that.

Life Remodeled

Today, I’m going to Detroit to volunteer for Life Remodeled, a program to clean up vacant lots and make areas safer around the major high schools. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be carpooling with Michigan engineers do that will be fun to talk to them also.

Bachelor Mondays

Last night, my kids and wife were at my in-laws because we needed childcare during the day and Jess had to be in training. This meant that she and the kids wouldn’t be home until 9. This reminded me of the time when she would stay at her parents every Monday night and I would have the house to myself. It’s nice. It’s quiet.

I miss everybody, but I almost felt overwhelmed with options on how to use this time. Last night, I went about my normal business of running, lifting and making dinner. But with my remaining time? I cleaned up and then just sat around. It wasn’t wasted – I felt like I could actually sit and relax and not worry about who was about to flip the dog’s water or who was about to smack their sister with a watering can.

Of course, I missed them and wanted them to come back, but I can definitely see the benefits of recharging during a few hours of uninterrupted peace.

Investing in Assets

I tend to not mind spending money on things that I know will help me be better or help my family be better. For example, I convinced everybody that we needed an expensive Vitamix blender, a fancy instant-pot and a new workout bench. All of these things have improved our lives and I would replace them all if they ever broke.

I hate wasting money, like most people. I try to reframe spending money on assets like I described above or education as investing. Another example is Audible. I use Audible everyday to read books I would never get to if they were on a Kindle or paperback.  Read On…

Soccer Test

We found out that friends of ours take their kids to the park for soccer. She told us we should just come and see if Sully would be interested.

He wasn’t interested.

He spent more time on the playset and then going for a long walk down the trail.

I think we’ll come more often so he can get used to the idea and maybe next season he’ll want to play.

What a great day

We had such a great time yesterday.

We had a spontaneous play-doh party. Paul helped Cece eat her cake but never took a bite herself. Henry loved the bubble machine. Olivia helped Cece open her presents. The neighbors and their kids all came and had a great time. The weather was beautiful and tons of good food. I think this was our best party yet and I’m grateful for everyone who helped us put it together, we love you!