Nobody is Outside

Since my son has been more active and wanting to be outside, we have spent a TON of time walking, playing and just being ridiculous outside. We started in the colder months, being outside at every opportunity.

When we didn’t see anybody outside in the snow when we were at the park, I didn’t think anything of it. It’s cold out, of course we’re the only ones outside.

As the weather warmed up though, we did not see a corresponding uptick in the amount of people outside.

All through the summer, we spent a lot of time at the parks near us and on walks, and we were a little shocked at how few people sat outside or walked or even just had open windows.

I thought it was the hot temperatures and cold temperatures, but it never changed when the weather changed.

Are people just used to be inside? Are they watching TV? Have we entered the era of ignoring the outdoors?

I want my kids to enjoy being outside, entertaining themselves and living in the moment, not glued to screens with dead eyes. I want to instill that from an early age, which is why we don’t have cable and only watch videos for <15 minutes per day, if that.

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