My Little Shadow

One of the most hilarious¬†things I’ve noticed since being a dad of a 1.5 year old is that he mimics every single thing that I do.¬†He does the same for his mom, but not to the level he does it to me.

He has to everything I do and I realize there’s a big opportunity for learning there. Anytime I’m staring at my phone, he wants to be too. If I hug Jess, he wants to do it too.

For this reason, we’ve tried to all but prevent TV and lounging from being something we do ever.

We try to be outside as much as possible, playing, wrestling, walking, or just talking face to face.

I don’t even realize some of the things I do unconsciously and I understand now how kids end up like their parents – they are imprinted on them very early to mimic everything they do.

Even sniffles, coughs or blowing your nose, he wants to do those things the same exact (obnoxious) way.

He watched me floss after brushing my teeth and then he requested some floss too. Even though we can’t really get floss in there to use it the right way, I am getting him a small piece to ‘practice’ flossing.

That’s also partially why I bring him along to work out with me (the other partial reason is so Jess has a little break). He asks to do chin ups in between my sets of chin ups. I don’t see why he can’t practice hanging or pulling himself up. Of course we won’t let him use actual weights for quite some time, but body weight exercises should be no problem.

This is just one more way I’ve been made more self-aware, knowing that there’s a little person right next to me, all of the time, doing exactly what I do, internalizing it and setting it as his societal norm. Kind of a big responsibility, huh?

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