Michigan State Week

I have always enjoyed this week. A good portion of my high school friends went to MSU, while I went to ¬†Michigan. Also, being from Michigan, about half of the people you run into have a Sparty allegiance. It’s just natural with these two schools so close together in the same state.

When I was in college, we never lost to State once. It’s been a different story since then, however. We went through two coaches and lots of bad seasons. Even last year, with Harbaugh at the helm, we biffed the game on the last play, which you will probably see 100x on replay if you turn on ESPN this week. It’s been tough.¬†

We like to treat them like they are irrelevant, but they’ve been nationally relevant for years now. This year has been different for them, they’ve lost 5 straight. I believe, however, that they will be competitive until Dantonio is gone – he’s a good coach.

I enjoy this week because we get to go back and forth with our coworkers, friends and family. Bragging rights are at stake! I know at least one standing bet between two guys that whoever wins is treated to lunch by the losing side, every year.

It’s upside is there, but the downside feels like it’s 100x worse than the upside is good. By winning, you avoid the unexpected texts, the jokes and the family that knows you’re a fan. Winning makes Thanksgiving and Christmas much more tolerable. And not because you get to rub it in their face, but because they can’t rub it in yours.

Winning might cause ESPN to stop playing that awful play every 30 seconds, too.

Go Blue, Beat MSU!

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