Just Ask

I started following a bot on Twitter that retweets whenever anyone says the phrase “a bot that”. This gives you some insight as to what people are making bots do on Twitter. I found this because I follow a bot called @tinycarebot that just sends out reminders to do things like ‘breathe deeply’ or to ‘look up from twitter for a second and relax’.

This @abotthat retweeted a story about a bot that helps negotiate on your behalf with Comcast to get a lower bill. Pay less money to Comcast with no effort or cost on my part? I’m in!

I set it up and let it go. It argued my case hard and would not let up. It even rejected offers to combine or upgrade my service. It also rejected the offer for me to call their line – it said, I do not want to make any calls at this time but would prefer to keep talking via this chat window.

It was mostly great, but I did have to step in every so often to type manually because it was not making complete sense.

It eventually escalated to being switched to a different agent who got us a good deal – to save $30 per month for the next 12 months! My rate will eventually revert to what it is now, but I can’t argue with $360 savings annually!

I took this as encouraging and even went over to Verizon to do the same thing, saving $20 per month and I’m in progress with my auto insurance carrier to do the same as well.

I was impressed by this bot and how far just asking for reduced rates will get you. Just ask!

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