Instacart Express is finally available in Ann Arbor. It’s amazing. I made a grocery list on my computer and then picked a time and then the groceries just magically appeared at my door.

What’s great is you get notifications about changes or substitutions based on what is there in the store. You can make a custom order for things that aren’t listed but you know are there, or bulk food items. You can even add items via chat while they are shopping.

I think this will completely change how we shop. I always end up buying 10-15% more than I need because I’m there and I just end up adding it to the cart. There is an annual fee, but no delivery fee besides a tip. The annual fee is $100 which is more than worth it to never have to make a big shopping trip ever again.

This means saving 2 hours per week on the weekend, which is very precious time to me. Also, I avoid the shopping, the checkout and all of the headache associated with grocery shopping.

I am going to be an instacart shopper for a very long time.

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