Home-buying Home Stretch

We are almost ready to close on our new house and we have an offer accepted on our house – we are ready! There’s a lot to do between now and when we actually move, but it feels like the stressful part is over.

We had our home inspected yesterday and I don’t think there were any glaring issues – we’ll know about that soon.

We are scheduling contractors to come and do work on the new house during the time we are owners of both houses.

These next few weekends will consist of packing, cleaning and getting everything ready to move. Of course, that requires careful planning to make sure we don’t pack up something we’ll need over the next month. For example, we just signed Sully up for swim lessons, but my bathing suit is packed up since we didn’t think we’d need it before moving.

It’s an exciting time and hopefully all will go relatively smoothly.

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