High Intention, Low Attachment

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s important for me to remember. Many of the big things in life, new jobs, new houses, exciting new projects, all come down to someone else’s decision. When we made an offer on the house we missed out on before this one, we couldn’t have done anything differently, but we missed out by 5 minutes. We were bummed, but we ended up with the same house, in the same neighborhood in a better location. ¬†We were sad for awhile, but knew that we couldn’t affect the outcome.

When I missed out on the job I have now to a good friend, I was bummed, but I ended up getting a similar job a few months later when a spot opened up. I didn’t sulk, I just kept on with my high intention.

I have something now that is similar in that I want a certain result, but it’s not really up to me anymore, it’s in the hands of someone else. I have to remember that I have a high intention, but a low attachment to the result. Whatever happens, I will not be sad for long, but will try something new and different. And might even end up with something better than I had imagined.

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