Hedging Yourself

With the recent shakeup at work, one of the messages I’ve taken away from it is that nothing is forever. 

Sure, our jobs are safe for now. There are no plans to change what we do. But I’m not 100% convinced of anything anymore. 

For this reason, I’ll be making a conscious effort to keep myself hedged against potential downsides. For me, this means planning for no job. Also, making sure Jess can work if we needed her to. It also means that I’ll be keeping my resume updated and floating around more often.

A stoic principle is to practice calamity. I should be readying myself for something catastrophic so I can be emotionally and mentally prepared for it and can still provide for my family. 

The way to do this is to focus on what the worst case scenario would be and meditate on it. 

When you do this, you mentally prepare and you can also find ways to protect yourself at the same time.

This was a good wake up call, as bummed as I am for for people that I enjoyed working with. I’ll use this situation to get better.

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