Getting it Right

We went to the art fair before getting dinner as a family last night and remarked that it was a fantastic day to be at the art fair. No crowds, cooler weather and easy parking. So how did we manage this? 

We’re just attended the art fair every day it was open.

The joke is that weather during the art fair is always blistering hot or pouring rain. And it was both of those things on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday it was ridiculously hot when we went, and crowded. And Saturday was nuclear hot.

We didn’t even plan on seeing much of the art fair on Sunday, but it worked out because it was adjacent to Silvio’s, our pizza place of choice in Ann Arbor lately.

We wandered around and noticed the heat had finally let up, the crowds were gone because it was the last day and the rain held off too.

So we had finally found the best day to visit, but had to try it three other days first.

This just tells me that when something is out of your control, all you can do is manage your actions and reaction. We could have said, were never coming back, this is ridiculous and been annoyed. We could have only visited once. 

But by increasing our chances of good circumstances and not letting the conditions affect us, we were rewarded with a nice evening at the art fair.

Control your actions and reactions and increase the probability of success in areas you can’t control and everything will have the best shot of working out.

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