Get Paid for Simple Surveys

I like quality apps. I have over 100 on my phone and I am ruthless about which ones are allowed to take up space on my phone. I’m likewise always keeping an eye open for another new app that does something for me that I didn’t have before.

I have quite a few that I use monthly, weekly and tons that I use daily.

I also love paying for apps that are useful to me. Here’s why:

1. Paying for an app helps the developer who is in turn adding value to my life.
2. Paying for an app adds more likelihood that the app will remain supported with subsequent OS updates and continue to fix bugs.

Free apps that add value are great, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

To name a few, here are some apps that I’ve found worth buying the full version:

1. BeyondPod – This app automatically downloads and keeps all of my podcasts queued up and ready for whenever I have a free minute.

2. Rewire – This app helps me keep focused on the daily habits I’m trying to cultivate. The paid version allows you to track more than 3 habits (I think).

3. 1 Second Everyday – This app helps me keep track of and process 1 second of video of my daily life, forever. This has been one of the coolest app purchases because now I remember more about days that happened months ago then ever before in my life. I think it’s worth the $1…

Some of these apps are more expensive than others, but none of them are ever above $10. But, I can help you get them all for free if you don’t mind spending 4 seconds here and there. Would you like to know how?

Google has a survey app that is stupidly easy to use and is never an annoyance. I’ve had it since 8/2/14 and have filled out dozens of surveys and in total, I’ve earned $49.53. I know, not lifechanging or anything I can retire on. But – I’ve used it mostly to buy apps and books that I enjoy.

Each survey is usually 2 questions long and it takes seriously less than 5 seconds to complete. I can get up from my desk and fill out a survey before I begin walking away – it’s that easy.

Here’s what my current balance looks like and also my reward history.

google opinion rewards balance



google opinion rewards history
If you aren’t all that interested in apps, you can buy movies, books and music from the Google Play store. Yes, I’ve used it for that as well.

It’s nice to have the balance in there ready to go for when I see something I want, then I can buy an app with no guilt.

Check it out – the app is called Google Opinion Rewards. Let me know about your experience with it and also if you are interested in other survey apps. I have experienced a few others and can share my story with those too.

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