Fitbit Challenges

On a semi-regular basis, I get invited to Fitbit challenges and I think they are stressful, but effective.

I have a natural desire to win them, so I incorporate walking in ways I wouldn’t normally – that’s a win, right? Maybe.

My walking does go up but I find myself thinking about it and whether or not someone is catching up with me. That doesn’t feel healthy. Maybe it’s just the way I perceive it, but maybe others feel the same way. 

Also, if you are pinned to a desk job or stuck with kids all day, what options do you really have? Sure, you can walk at lunch or dance around the house, but there’s not a huge variety of options for those situations.

I think Fitbit challenges are beneficial and I find myself walking more, but I also think the way I participate adds a little bit of unnecessary stress to my life.

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