Election 2016

This is the only theme available to the national media for the last 8 months and for the next 4. It’s all anyone can talk about, so I’m a little reluctant to share my views as well, but here we are. 

As we speak, Hillary and Trump have both chosen their VP and are firmly squared off against each other.

I am not a fan of either, being a former republican gone mostly libertarian. I think Trump is completely crazy and a horrifying option and Hillary is too entrenched and corrupted to do anything in our interest. 

I understand that voting third party is essentially a vote for your worst option, but I don’t care. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2012 add I will vote for him again. The two party system is not representative democracy and I won’t play along with it. 

I ended up being mostly pleased with Obama. He did well with what he had. I felt like he was shielded from criticism because he was viewed this transcendent candidate, here to solve everything Bush did wrong. 

I have to give him credit. I don’t love the healthcare law, but I can deal with it. I think he did a lot of good and had our best interests at heart.

I don’t think we’d ever get that from Hillary and I think Trump will melt down in office. I think he’ll get so bored or annoyed with the responsibilities of the job, he’ll resign.

I don’t think  who the president is affects our daily lives much, if at all. Caring about your local and state reps matters much more, especially paying attention to who is on whose lobbying payroll in Congress. 

Despite being horrified by Trump, I’m voting third party and I will be glad when this conversation is over.

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