Dog Days of Summer

I realized today that this oppressive heat and obnoxious humidity means we are in the dog days of summer. I had always heard that term before, but never understood the origin until I looked it up:

Webster defines “dog days” as The period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere.

The reference to a dog comes from the correlation of the appearance of Orion’s dog, Sirius in the night sky during this portion of the year. Check out the wiki page here.

Since I’ve heard the term, I’ve always associated it with dogs being too tired to play, since it was so hot.

I hear the term as an excuse for inactivity; people don’t want to move or do anything outside because it’s too hot. I see this as the inverse of the Christmas holiday season, when people are procrastinating or avoiding certain tasks because of the proximity to the upcoming holiday.

I also learned that there’s a specific time frame, July 3 – August 11, as defined by the Farmer’s Almanac.

Knowing the origin and acknowledging the notion that it’s a slower time of the year has helped me understand this period in the year.


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