Daily Meditation

Ever since researching meditation, I’ve wanted to establish a daily practice. I was never able, though.

I read the Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod in May of 2015 and it shifted my thinking. I learned that a daily practice of anything is not just the stuff of self-development book lore. People actually do it and it is actually possible for me. I began attempting to wake up early to attempt my routine in May of 2015. I failed miserably.

I could get it done in fits and starts,  but could never get a solid streak going. I was looking for something to help keep track of streaks, like in the story attributed to Jerry Seinfeld (but he has famously denied telling). The story is that you hang up a large calendar and cross out every day that you do a task. For him, it was to write jokes. Once you have a few days in a row, you won’t want to break that streak so you’ll continue.

I found an app called ReWire. You tell it the goals you want to perform and how often and it reminds you to check them off. It sounds simple, but the layout is such that streaks are created and you don’t want to break them. I broke them a few times before getting a solid streak going, but now, I’ve rewired my brain to automatically perform these tasks.

I also found an app called Coach.me, which is like ReWire, but with a social and coaching aspect to it. It’s great for positive feedback and coaching, which can take you to the next level in your habit. You can use it for free, which is a great option, and for any habits you are stuck on or need some support, you can hire someone with great reviews to give you some accountability and feedback. This app has really taken off with over 200,000 goals that people track daily – it has been fantastic.

I currently have a 178 day streak of meditating and performing other daily rituals that help me refocus and get into my day in the most effective way possible. My next goal is to hit 200 days and to increase my sitting time to consistently be 20 minutes, instead of the 12-15 I use currently.

I will write more about the benefits of meditation in a later post, but this alone has been responsible for a major increase in my productivity at work, more mindfulness and fun at home, and a major positive shift in my health and the way I eat. There are many other benefits as well including increased calm, not reacting to annoyances and just an improved overall sense of well-being.

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