Choose How You Feel

Last night, we were up late at a concert about 1 hr away, so we missed out on at least 4 hours of sleep we would normally get. I remember the words from The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and Flip the Gratitude Switch by Kevin Clayson that when you wake up, you set your own mood.

If you wake up after 3 hours of sleep with kids waking you up, you can choose to say to yourself, “that was the perfect amount of sleep and I feel 100% ready to start my day” or you can say “ugh I feel terrible – today is going to be terrible, I should just call in.”

This isn’t new age BS. If you actually say these words to yourself, you manifest a better attitude which affects how you feel. It’s hard to overcome, but it’s effective if you avoid saying the negative and try starting with something positive.

You can even focus on the good aspects of why you were up late. Like how you appreciate that your kids need you for reassurance late at night, or you really enjoyed the amazing concert you went to. Focusing on the good parts and talking about them to yourself sets up the rest of your day for more of the same.

How you wake up is how you go about your day. How you go about your day is how you go about your year. How you go about your year is how you go about your life.

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