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High Intention, Low Attachment

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s important for me to remember. Many of the big things in life, new jobs, new houses, exciting new projects, all come down to someone else’s decision. When we made an offer on the house we missed out on before this one, we couldn’t have done anything differently, but we missed out by 5 minutes. We were bummed, but we ended up with the same house, in the same neighborhood in a better location.  We were sad for awhile, but knew that we couldn’t affect the outcome. Read On…

First Quarter

Today marks the last day of the first quarter. We certainly have achieved one of our goals for the year, moving into a new house and selling our old one. I haven’t achieved all of my health goals, but with the house or of the way, I skills be able to focus a bit more on that.

I am always amazed at how things happen once you envision them and take the steps for them to happen. We are incredibly grateful for all of the things we have and have experienced. I never can imagine what the next three months will look like so it’s important to keep your goals in your mind and stick to your principles. 

Asking for Help

I was pretty proud of myself for fixing the toilet the other day – turns out I had only made more problems. I did fix the issue with the bolts connecting the tank to the bowl, but I made an issue with the valve and supply line.

We actually have an issue with two toilets and one sink in the house (I’m not quite sure how the previous owners lived in this house…). We decided we should call a pro to get it all fixed up right and not waste anymore time on it.

The important lesson here is to know when to ask for help. My pride and checkbook tell me I can probably do it myself, but I realize I need to check my ego and admit that I’d rather spend time with family then pulling toilets and sinks apart.

Bath Time Joy

We started putting Cece in the bathtub with my son and it has been amazing. First of all, both kids get clean in half of the time. Second, my daughter loves the tub and she loves being in it with Sully. We put her in yesterday and she went nuts, screaming and splashing with joy. It was the best. I didn’t want to end it, but after about 15 minutes, the water is cold and everybody is pruny.

The joy she exhibits is contagious. She loves going for walks in the stroller, so much so that she sits straight up and screams the whole time, in pure delight. I don’t get to see it firsthand, but Jess sends me videos of it.

What can we take that much joy in? What simple things are we missing out on the joy from?

New House

It was a weird first night. Where’s all our stuff? Where’s my toothbrush? Where’s the light switch? 

It takes a long time to figure out the new house and even longer to make it feel like home. I think that once memories are made here, that’s when it will feel like a home. 

I’m not going to let the little stuff overwhelm me, but rather enjoy the process and the newness of this house.

Time Capsule

Yesterday, I did an interview that will be included on a satellite to be launched into space for 100 years. Many of the questions revolved around what life is like today, how I use technology and my predictions for the future. To think about how different we are now from 1917 and to project that forward, it’s mind-boggling. Listening to my interview in 2117 must be a very strange experience.

A few of my predictions or hopes for the future: Read On…


I just finished my 31st year on Earth. It sure doesn’t feel like it. I have so much ​to be grateful for and so much ​to look forward to. 

Becoming a parent seems to speed time up a little, or maybe it’s just the getting older part. I get lost in the days and pretty soon a year has gone by. But I do try to enjoy them all, especially time with my family.

I have loved the journey of my life so far and I’m excited to see what else may come.

Swimming Update

Last night was Sully’s third swim class. He’s excited to go when Tuesdays come around. He is comfortable jumping in, climbing in, sometimes kicking but not doing scoops yet.

The point of this class is to create a comfortable base for him to understand​ future swimming skills and we are definitely doing that. 

It’s also to have fun and for us to bond. We sing the songs and do the activities and both have a lot of fun, so it’s been well worth it.

Use Words When Necessary

An email from the Daily Stoic this morning reminded me of a St. Francis quote:

Preach gospel all the time. Use words when necessary.

This says so much about leading by example. I notice this is amplified one-hundred-fold by having a two year-old in your house. He repeats everything I say and does everything I do. He’s a little mirror. If I get upset, he gets upset. If I cook a meal, he gets his own pot to help. If I go for a run, he wants to do that too.  Read On…


March is the best month. It brings spring, has our birthdays, and St Patrick’s day. When my birthday comes around, it’s time for March madness. When I was in college, March meant we were almost done with school and it was almost time for summer. I can’t explain the feeling.

The feeling starts when the first warm and wet day happens. It just smells like spring – like promise and renewal. I love that we get to combine that with moving to a new house this year. Our house will be instilled with that feeling.