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Changing the world

What actually constitutes as changing the world? There’s got to be some line in the sand, right? I mean, painting your house red is technically changing the world, right? What criteria or measurement do you consider to say you’ve changed the world?

I think to count, you must have affected the lives of a critical mass of people. They don’t need to know they’ve been affected – plenty of people don’t have polio and have never and will never thank Jonas Salk for that.

After 50-100 years, one family of four can lead to be hundreds of people, so wouldn’t that be a critical mass of people?

I think this means that if you can positively affect change for one family and help ensure that the change has lasting effects over the next 50-100 years, you can say you’ve changed the world. Is that too far? I don’t think so. It sounds reasonable.  Read On…


Sully loves to pretend. He gets on my back and pretends I’m a car and drives me to the grocery store to get groceries. He gets out at the store, shops and then gets back in and drives home. He gets out at home and then presents me with all of his purchases. It’s awesome.

One thing I learned from a parenting book recently is that kids don’t pretend for the sake of pretending. They are mimicking what we do. They are doing what we do, as closely as they can. They aren’t pretending for the sake of pretending.  Read On…

Choose How You Feel

Last night, we were up late at a concert about 1 hr away, so we missed out on at least 4 hours of sleep we would normally get. I remember the words from The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and Flip the Gratitude Switch by Kevin Clayson that when you wake up, you set your own mood.

If you wake up after 3 hours of sleep with kids waking you up, you can choose to say to yourself, “that was the perfect amount of sleep and I feel 100% ready to start my day” or you can say “ugh I feel terrible – today is going to be terrible, I should just call in.”

This isn’t new age BS. If you actually say these words to yourself, you manifest a better attitude which affects how you feel. It’s hard to overcome, but it’s effective if you avoid saying the negative and try starting with something positive. Read On…

Morning Meditation

I lost track of my morning time, following the move. Our kids in their new rooms, waking up at different times, with new needs and feeding times are all things I tried blaming for missing my morning time to sit and think. But it’s all on me. I needed to make the choice to dedicate time to myself in the morning – no one else is to blame.

In the time that I was not sitting in the morning, I added some weight, got stressed out and I felt noticeably worse. Since starting back up, I have run 5x more than I was before, I feel better and I can think more clearly throughout the day.


Amazing Mother’s Day

What a gorgeous day. We started off the day by driving two mice out to a farm to be dropped off. We made a delicious brunch for my mom and dad. They stayed for awhile and walked with us around the block.

I took the kids for a long bike ride so they could nap and Jess could nap too. Then I picked up Jess and then continued our ride together.

We went to the park after dinner and saw friends and stayed there for awhile. The weather was perfect. 

Sully and I worked out in the garage and​then he insisted on one last bike ride before bed, because we didn’t want the day to end.

What are we supposed to do?

I am about 10 years into my professional life and I am still wondering if there is a such thing as “what we are supposed to do”. The narrative you are told is that you are destined to do something meaningful with your life and you won’t be happy until you figure out what it is. And most people never figure out what it is, slog away at their J-O-B and die unhappy. Read On…

Survival Mode

I can tell that a lot of my good habits and routines fell by the wayside following our move. Our kids aren’t used to sleeping in the new house yet and Cece is especially bad at it, maybe because her teeth are coming in. With a lack of sleep and the stress of moving, I dropped my early morning meditation and running and the 3x per week lifting I was doing. It’s something I can tell I miss a lot.

Now that we have been moved in for a month, I am picking them all back up, starting with waking up early and sitting in silence for some time. It was something I felt guilty about before, like it was a luxury, not a necessity. But I can tell it’s necessary to maintain my focus at work and to keep my energy up too. Sitting in silence in the morning helps to focus my thoughts, eliminate the chatter and be able to be effective as an employee, a parent and a husband all day long.

Hanlon’s Razor

We all fall victim to this, being self-centered enough to think that anytime something goes wrong, it is an intentional slight meant to aggravate us. However, it is usually not the case.

Hanlon’s Razor is “never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by neglect.”

This means that the world, your co-workers, the utility company, the other drivers are probably not colluding to make your life miserable. They are probably not even aware of the impact on your life by their action (or inaction).

That lack of intent may not seem important because your life is still impacted, but it is important. Intent is something that can drastically change a murder trial, a traffic accident or an IRS audit. Knowing someone’s intent opens a new door of further being able to find out a root cause for something. And usually, the root cause is negligence or lack of awareness.  Read On…

Vacation Needed

We have a kids-free vacation for next week planned as well as two separate weeks up north this summer. I was talking with Jess about how we need more time away from the usual stuff. We love our kids, but they and we all can use a change of  scenery now and then.

It feels selfish to ask for it. But I don’t know why. It feels greedy to use the 5 weeks of vacation time I’ve accrued, but it shouldn’t. We all need time to ourselves, especially when we have a lot on our plate. Our families require our attention continuously, there is no break for sleeping or weekends. That can be an enormous strain on your mental capacities over the years.

We’ll attempt to enjoy ourselves while we are away next week and savor the time we have to ourselves, with as little guilt as possible!