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Extended Vacation

We’re leaving for a long vacation to the cottage soon and I’m excited. We are going to spend a week at the cottage doing cottage things. 

We have a short list of to-dos up there, like fixing the oven and installing a light switch, but beside that, we’ll be on the beach and at the bonfire relaxing as much as possible.

The kids love the water and Sully will get some car time too. The only bummer is the mosquitos are out in full force. We’ll have to bring some of those personal fans to keep near all of us.

Up all night

Not sure what brought this on, but I spent the other night feeling awful. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t leave the bathroom. I’ll spare the details.

I went to an all day conference the next day and never hit a wall. I’m not sure how this happened. Even after work, I kept going with the kids and didn’t feel like I didn’t sleep at all the night before.

Last night’s sleep was deep and I could have slept longer if it wasn’t for work today, but I’m still a bit amazed at how okay I felt after being awake and ill all night.


Today, we’re going to check out the ReStore, a place where habitat for humanity accepts furniture donations and then sells them to support their work.

We need dressers, side tables and coffee tables. We are sorely lacking in these things but don’t want to pay full price for all of them.

Lawn Guru

After my great experience with instacart, I wondered if there was a similar service for lawn mowing. I did some googling and found Lawn Guru. They send you a quote by text message by looking at the footprint of your lawn by Google map images.

The price is not unreasonable and I may try it. First, though, I want to get another quote from someone who already mows nearby to see if they are close in price.

Neighborhood Pool

This weekend is supposed to be great weather. We are going to try to get to the neighborhood pool and try it out. The kids would love it!

Potty Time

Yesterday, without any prompting, my son used his potty seat after bath time. What a great thing! We have read many things that say to now push or pressure it, that they will let you know when they are ready. Well, yesterday my son was ready. I’m super excited for him. We gave him lots of praise and hopefully he’ll want to repeat that experience very soon.

Bus System

As someone who lives and works in town, I am very appreciative of the bus system. It has allowed us to move to being a one-car family, avoid paying insurance and repairs and ultimately has saved us thousands of dollars per year.

Having a reliable bus system in town is a big plus for me. I don’t think enough people use it regularly – they rely on their cars more than they should.

I think it’s worth being a tiny bit uncomfortable or out of sorts while you figure out the bus system to get to enjoy the dozens of benefits.

Driving Home

On our way home from up north, we had an important family first – both kids slept the entire way. That sure makes the drive a lot nicer. Cece does not like being in her seat and being awake. I think both kids were exhausted from the weekend and just needed a bit more sleep than they were getting at night.

Let’s hope we can do it again in a few weeks!

Lazy Cottage Day

I spent the morning running, mowing and then cleaning the roof at our cottage so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend. The weather is perfect today, 75 and sunny. My parents are visiting tomorrow with their RV.

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend, we are heading up to the cottage to relax for a bit. I am actually looking forward to mowing up north, since we got the new riding mower. It’s pretty relaxing.

We’ll go sit by the lake, have a fire and play games. Sully will want to drive the club car and walk the logs in the woods. Cece will play in the sand and crawl all over. It’s going to be great.