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Driving home on Labor Day

Today, we pack up the car and drive home with the end of summer in mind. Summer doesn’t actually end until Sept 21, but Labor Day is the unofficial end, much like Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning.

To avoid the traffic backups on I-75, we’ll be trying to leave early and watching our Google Maps closely for alternate routes should we need them.

We’ll be back in the fall sometime to winterize the cottage and maybe enjoy some of the fall colors, but we won’t be back en masse until the winter when it’s time to ice skate, snowmobile and play in the snow.


Michigan Wins

Michigan beat Florida to open the season yesterday. They had some miscues in the first half, but the defense held them to only 3 points throughout the entire game. The offense steamrolled Florida’s defense. It was a satisfying game to watch. I hope there are many more of those to come this season. Happy football season!

Fall is back

The students are moving in. I watched college football last night. It’s chilly if I leave the windows open at night. It’s back. The best season of the year.

It’s fleeting though, so enjoy it while you have it.

Craigslist is great

We moved in March of this year. Since March, I have had no dresser. In our old house, my ¬†bedroom was so small that we couldn’t fit anything besides a bed, so we kept all of our clothes in a closet.

My current closet is too small to fit everything and our master bedroom is huge, so I would like to use a dresser.

After much research across many, many stores, we settled back on Ikea. We picked a color and style we like and we bought the first one, a low dresser for Jess. We picked it up and assembled it and we like it a lot.

Next would be my dresser, a tall version of the same dresser. But, it’s so popular that it’s never in stock. So I waited, and waited and waited… Read On…

Busy Weekend + No Sleep

We had a packed weekend of activity. It was great. But, Cece is not sleeping well lately. She had a fever at the end of last week and now she can’t sleep on her own – she has to be near me. So that has led to me feeling exhausted this Monday morning.

Coffee will be my saving grace today.

Five Dollar Amtrak

Today, we are taking everybody to Detroit on the Amtrak because it’s only $5 per person! Sully loves the train and it’s an easy way to travel, so it should be a good time. We’re going to ride the QLine up and down Woodward to get to the Riverwalk and to dinner. Family will be meeting us there – should be fun!

Cool nights

All of the sudden, we have 47 degree evenings here. It feels like fall. Spring and Fall both are amazing times of the year and both evoke this feeling or renewal or nostalgia. I think Spring is renewal and Fall is nostalgia.

Being on campus, the nostalgia is especially thick every year with all of the fall traditions, the smells and the overall atmosphere. The cold temperatures and smells around outside are what bring it out.

Pool party

We went to our friend’s son’s first birthday pool party. It was perfect weather for it – hot and sunny. We played in this awesome pool and then had snacks on the deck. It was water themed and Sully and Cece both had a blast. They both fell asleep early today.

Back Home

Today we traveled back home. I always say you know a vacation is over when going home sounds like a good idea. Today it felt like a good idea. The week was great but it’s tiring to be in a different environment where sleep isn’t as easy to come by.

I feel rested and ready for what’s next.

Rain on vacation

Most of today was rainy, but it allowed for me and Cece to get a really good nap in after lunch. She and I slept on our bed and it was awesome. 

We made sushi and another few dishes dishes for dinner. My parents and brother visited with their RV. We packed up the beach since we’re leaving tomorrow. It’s been a great vacation.