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104 Little Tips to Make and Save Money

104 Little Tips to Make and Save Money

Includes ranking to make these as actionable as possible

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Note: Since this list is massive, if you want this in PDF, I’ll send it to you here.

- Introduction
- How to Use This Guide
- Difficulty & Impact Scale
- Ideas 1-104


This grew out of my own desire to compile a list of ways to make and save money if I really had to — a stoic practice of mentally preparing for the worst case scenario. This is also an extension of the practice from Become an Idea Machine which is coming up with 10 ideas per day by Claudia A. Altucher, which is a great book and a practice I keep up daily.


How to use this guide:

Caveat #1: Not every one of these will apply to you. In fact, most will not. These are not intended to be bulletproof money-saving or generating tips, but more of a thought starter for you. If you can use 2–5 of these tips in your life to generate or save some extra money, then I have succeeded. The goal is to think outside the box.

Caveat#2: I wanted this to be exceedingly actionable which is why I included approximate annual impact to your wallet and difficulty. This way you can make quick calls as to whether or not something is worth doing. These ratings are NOT meant to be rock solid. Something may take more or less time than I estimate and may save you more or cost you more than I estimate. Please do your own due diligence when considering making any changes.

Caveat #3: I’m not a tax professional, CPA or lawyer. Please conduct your own due diligence regarding legality and tax implications for each of these tips, within your local municipality. 

  1. Skim the whole thing (it’s long).
  2. As you skim, write down the numbers of the tips that sound interesting or applicable to you.
  3. Go through it again only reading the tips you want to, in depth.
  4. Optional: Grab a PDF of the whole thing for future reading here.
  5. Retire early, travel the world, buy all of the things, send me a $2 bill in gratitude.
  6. Another great way to filter for the best tips is to look for tips that have a at least a 1–2 star difference between the difficulty and impact. Anything that has fewer impact stars than difficulty stars might be another category you stay away from, especially if you have limited time or money resources.

Difficulty & Impact Scale

Some suggestions are more difficult than others and some will save/earn more money that others. I tried to detail that out underneath each idea — again, this is my best estimate so you can have an idea as to which ideas are quick wins and which are longer term wins. The sweet spot will be the low difficulty, high impact items.

Difficulty Scale

🌟= Very easy, takes minutes or 1 step, one-time effort

🌟🌟= Easy, less than 1 hour or 1–2 steps to achieve, one-time effort

🌟🌟🌟= Moderate, takes repeated effort or multiple steps

🌟🌟🌟🌟=Hard, noticeable change to your life, repeated effort

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟=Very hard, big life shift, constant effort

Impact Scale

🌟=$1-$10 annually

🌟🌟=$10-$100 annually

🌟🌟🌟=$100–1,000 annually

🌟🌟🌟🌟=$1,000–5,000 annually

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟=$5,000+ annually

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Best Weather of the Year

This time of year is amazing. We have 70-75 in the daytime, warm late into the evening, and then the nights get chilly, around 40-50. This is the best weather of the year.

Hot stews, bonfires and sweatshirts are all appropriate this time of year. When it’s obnoxiously hot or cold out, we’re so far from our normal range of comfort that it’s easy to hate the weather. But when it’s in the shoulder season, in the fall, where we hover right around our natural comfort range, it’s much nicer.


Visiting a Conference

I spent the week at a conference and seminar. I learned a lot at the seminar, mostly because I signed up to take a test at the end. So I had to pay close attention. I also talked to a lot of vendors in the expo area that had a lot of good information for me and new things to try. 


It’s so hot. It’s hotter than any day I can remember from this summer. What’s going on? We had to use our A/C more lately because it’s so hot and humid. I’m ready for cooler weather.

You Left and I Missed You

I went to tutor last night, after a long day out and about and I didn’t want to leave. Sully wanted to come with me, he even told me he could come. I told him what I was going to do was like work and I couldn’t take him.

When I got back, he told me that I left and that he missed me. He’s so articulate and sweet lately. I thought about next week when I leave to go to a conference and I don’t want to leave the kids. They are so loving and happy, it’s going to be sad to go.


I enjoy teaching. I have been a tutor in the past and really enjoyed it. I’ve helped a 1st grader with her math, a 6th grader with her math, a high school student prepare to retake the ACT and many others. Most of them, if they are willing to learn, get a lot of value from our time together. My satisfaction comes from looking for ways to explain and demonstrate something that clicks with someone. Then, with repeated practice, they start to improve which helps their confidence and it all snowballs from there.

Tired kids

The upside of daycare is that my kids are worn out by the time they come home. They are ready for bed almost an hour earlier! That’s also because they are waking up earlier too. We have been through two days of daycare and I think it has been a really positive experience for both of them. They are getting used to all of their teachers. Sully is learning how to navigate the different aspects of his day – he can even go and see Cece in her classroom if he wants to.

Beat the Bearcats

Today I’ll go to the game with a credential, maybe my last time ever. I’m excited to go and soak it all in. Should be a gorgeous day.

Friday before Gameday

I walked around campus today at lunch to see what the energy was like before the first home game. It was a bit chilly and I went to get a coffee beforehand. There diag was packed with students, visiting parents and the usual random Ann Arbor colorful people. 

The sun was shining through the fading green trees and there was a slight breeze. I saw that the union was having their poster sale which took me back to loving on South quad, when Jordan and I would go to the union to fit out our special room on 6th Bush. 


We almost need the heat turned on, our house didn’t get above 66 degrees today. Is it really that time of year already? I think I’ll make sure the windows are closed tight and then have my kids run around instead of firing up the furnace already.