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After doing so much work to my house and now future house, I’ve collected a good list of workers that do great work. Today, my floor guy met my painter and exchanged cards. Both said it’s hard to find trustworthy people that do good work, so it’s invaluable to get a personal referral.

Real estate agents especially need to build their portfolio of contractors that do good work for reasonable prices. 

The referral I got for this painter ended up saving me $3500! That’s amazing. And I don’t doubt that I’ll love his work.

Fake Reviews

I used to use Amazon, Yelp & Google reviews extensively to see if a company or product was worth investing in. But so many of them read like they were written by the owner or a family member. I read a review yesterday for a moving company that stated that “they bill in 15 minute increments”. Like a real customer would take the time to mention that?

Maybe they would, but you have to read more of the reviews then and see what the trend is. If they all have a similar tone, or unnecessary details, they are probably fake. If they speak glowingly without any faults, that’s a neutral sign because somebody could be enamored with that company.

I really like to find a 3 or 4 star review to see what they say. That’s really where you’re going to find some surefire honest feedback. I’m not going to not buy the product or hire the company because of a single 3 or 4 star review, but I just want to hear from real people and their real experiences.

I know customers can be crazy and companies can be put in bad circumstances with unrealistic expectations from a customer. In those cases, there are probably 1 star reviews explaining the situation. I read through those to listen to their tone. If they sound reasonable, then that’s just one signal, not the deciding factor. The next thing I’d look for would be a response from the owner or the company. If the company can explain their position and it also sounds reasonable, then that bad review might be overall neutral in my mind. Read On…

The Home Illusion

When we were seeing houses, I always walked into them without thinking that “someone lives here and had to get out of our way to make this happen”. There was some point during our walkthrough that the thought came to me, like noticing a crockpot going that smelled delicious, or finding a car in a garage or seeing pill bottles on a countertop in the bathroom.

That feeling is distracting and feels a little bit invasive, like I’m seeing behind the curtain.

We are currently listing our home and going through the preparations to show it to people. I didn’t realize how much effort it takes to prepare a home to look that way. Taking down personal effects like photos, putting clutter away, keeping the laundry at 100% done (which is impossible) and not ever using a single dish or the stove or the blender or… Read On…

The Go-Giver

I read a great book awhile back called the Go-Giver. It’s a book about how to achieve stratospheric success. The storyline is an on-going relationship between a hard-working employee, Joe and his mentor, The Chairman.

The laws are: Read On…

Peak-End Rule

When you leave a movie, when you finish watching a talk, maybe even after a meeting, do you give that a little rating to yourself? “That was great”, “I wouldn’t do that again” or “what a waste of time”.

I recently heard about this from a podcast. It can help you tailor your speeches, videos, articles or anything you do that is meant to be consumed or observed by others. It’s called the Peak-End Rule: Read On…