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Running Goal

I want to run the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K at 24:00 minutes. My previous best is around 26 minutes and I know I can beat it. I’ve been running around the neighborhood for 3 miles at a clip. I think I can beat it by Thanksgiving and post a decent time.

There are 150 days until Thanksgiving. I am going to beat 24:00 minutes in the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 5K.

Hibiscus Tea

It’s delicious. It’s sour and doesn’t taste like any other tea I’ve ever had. It’s amazingly good for you too. Drink it.

Up all night

Not sure what brought this on, but I spent the other night feeling awful. I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t leave the bathroom. I’ll spare the details.

I went to an all day conference the next day and never hit a wall. I’m not sure how this happened. Even after work, I kept going with the kids and didn’t feel like I didn’t sleep at all the night before.

Last night’s sleep was deep and I could have slept longer if it wasn’t for work today, but I’m still a bit amazed at how okay I felt after being awake and ill all night.

Counting Calories again?

I used to count calories to ensure I wasn’t exceeding my daily allowance. It works really well, when you stick to it. It works more because you tend to eat less when you know you have to track it if you eat it. It also works because you begin to understand the relative calorie counts for various foods you routinely eat.

That fistful of almonds? 180 calories. Wow. That’s about 30 minutes of walking. Is it worth it? Read On…

Live Traps

We used live traps to catch the mice. I didn’t have the heart to buy kill traps. It seems like hypocrisy to not eat animals because of ethics and then to turn around and kill them for happening to wander into my home.

If they were hurting or endangering us, sure, if killing is the only way, then so be it. But these were the cutest mice and their only harm was they ate a bag of walnuts we needed for a recipe. So they cost me some money and left some poop around, but nothing crazy.

The traps worked really well. We caught three mice in two nights and then released them in a field area near the outer limits of the city.

A Mouse

We have a mouse in our house. No, it’s not a Dr. Seuss book, it’s something way less fun.

I don’t know what we’ll do, probably pick up some traps and see if they work. In the meantime, we need to protect the food that’s in plastic or paper containers. They are going crazy with the dog food and any bags with nuts in the in the pantry. It’s a bummer because now we need to rethink how we store food for a few days.

The good part is all of the food I had put in Mason jars are safe.

Reduced Coffee Use

During Lent, I abstained from all coffee (and caffeine). The first two weeks were a bit rough, but I got through the fog and am fine now. I got used to drinking this hibiscus tea, which is caffeine-free. It’s delicious and sour.

After Lent, I went back to having some coffee, but not daily. I don’t want the same groggy effects if I ever miss coffee or the awful flu-like symptoms of low-energy and achiness. I do enjoy the taste of coffee, but it is something I’m probably going to use sparingly in the near future, or drink decaf.

Caffeine Withdrawal

For Lent, I decided to give up caffeine. This means my morning coffee. I decided it would be the toughest thing I could give up.

Day 1 was rough. I had a pretty strong headache behind my eyes around 10am. I took some motrin which helped, but couldn’t shake the brain fog and achiness I was feeling.

Dinner helped, but I still felt like I almost had the flu for the rest of the evening. I fell asleep quickly and slept about 8 hours. In the morning, I felt a lot better. I think I’m out of the woods with headaches. I might experience more lethargy today, but I think it will be a lot better than yesterday.

I almost brewed a hibiscus tea this morning before I realized it had some caffeine in it. Not the same amount as coffee, but still it has some caffeine. Bummer. Looks like I’m sipping hot water today!


Today is Fat Tuesday, which means Lent begins tomorrow. I’m not Catholic, but I am married to one, which means we all observe a lot of the Catholic traditions. Lent is one of the most important, demonstrating a solemn period before Christ is crucified and rises from the dead on Easter Sunday.

Since we started dating, I’ve followed along with the idea of giving something up for Lent. I’ve given up Facebook, meat and even coffee once. All of those have been good decisions and a test of what’s a high priority in my life. The Facebook experiment last year was a great reset on my social media use. I even deleted it from my phone and only use it from a computer, which is a great thing for my concentration.

I also gave up drinking as an experiment and liked it enough to keep it going. I haven’t had a drink in over a year! It wasn’t that I had a problem with it, but it just created enough complications to not be worth the hassle. Read On…

Consistent Daily Actions

For losing weight, for increasing income, for learning any skill or achieving anything you want to accomplish, consistent daily action is the key. 

I have noticed that if I stick to something consistently, follow-up with it, and not let it out of my sight, so much good can happen. I’ve lost over 70 lb, gotten jobs I wanted, gotten clients I wanted, learned to play the violin, trumpet and euphonium, improved my strength through weight lifting, and built up my writing portfolio. All this with daily practice, constant and consistent.

It doesn’t stop on weekends. It’s daily. It’s better in the morning because you’re fresher and you can set that time aside easier. If you have trouble establishing a daily morning routine, read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.