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Running 7 Days in a Row

I set a challenge for myself to run at least 1 mile everyday for a week. I have succeeded for 2 days so far, but those were easy, since these were weekend days. Let’s see if I can keep it up for the next 5 days and what, if anything, I learn from this experiment.

Instant Pot

For Christmas, I wanted an instant pot. It’s a pressure cooker with a brain. I ordered one on black Friday when it was on super sale. I finally tried it out yesterday on split pea soup. I was skeptical it would break everything down in a mere 15 minutes of pressure, but it did!

I was amazed. The soup prep didn’t need to happen until one hour before eating, as opposed to sometime in the morning. 

I bought the supplies to make sushi rolls. I’m excited. I think the rice cooking function is going to be one of my favorite features. I bought a huge bag of rice. It’s so cheap web you buy a lot and is so filling.

There are tons of recipes on YouTube – is a great place to start. You can follow along with people as they cook.

Runny Noses

Cold season is upon us and I feel like we’ve been hit particularly hard. My kids both got at least one cold and it feels like they are getting another one, back-to-back. We might just all be ping-ponging different viruses back and forth to each other.

I can handle diaper changes and all of that business, but there’s something about continuous runny, snotty noses that just grosses me out. I hope we get a reprieve soon and hopefully before Christmas? We shall see!

Creating 2017

Setting goals is fun, that’s why people do it every year when the new year arrives. But you know what happens next – people fall off their plans before January is half over.

I’ve done various lists & goal setting plans. One was write out dozens of things I wanted to get done in the year. One was to write one goal for each area of my life (health, wealth, social, family, & recreation).

This year I set 3 goals and also incorporated those into my habit tracking software (Rewire and

I went from 197 lb to 182 lb in the first three months with this approach. I have since stopped losing weight, but maintaining right around 180 lb.

I haven’t set my goals for the year and incorporated them into my habit tracker, but I am planning to soon.

10,000 Kettle Bell Swing Challenge

I have seen various iterations of this challenge online and I thought I’d try it. I bought a kettle bell a long time ago and never really used it for much. By jumping into a challenge, I can see if it’s worth using regularly.

There are various ways to do this, but mine is going like this:

Sunday – Sets of 50, 30, 20

Monday – 50, 30, 20

Tuesday – 50, 30, 20

Wednesday – 50, 30, 20

Thursday – 50, 30, 20

500 per week x 20 weeks = 10,000 swings Read On…


The day after Thanksgiving might be the best day of the year for naps. Maybe Christmas day is up there too.

Today, Cece took a long nap on me while I napped. It was great. We napped before the long drive back to Ann Arbor, so I needed to be charged up. 

We got a lot done beforehand, but once the holiday and the bustle is over, a nap is a fantastic reprieve, maybe the best part of the whole holiday. Not the actual sleeping, but the pace and environment that allows for a nap too be had.

Naps are great. Take them often.


I know there are stats about how much kids laugh vs how much adults laugh and it drops way off from childhood to adulthood. I don’t know why that is, but it seems true.

My son loves to laugh at everything. He does laugh at everything. I can pretend to hurt my finger on something that obviously doesn’t actually hurt me, but if I ham it up enough, he will roll on the floor laughing.

We did this for about 3o minutes yesterday and it felt great. Sometimes we’ll just laugh for the sake of laughing. My wife might look at me weird, but she understands what we’re doing. Read On…

It’s Good to be Home

I always say that it’s a good trip if at the end of it, you miss being home. I needed to be done traveling yesterday and be home with my family. This feeling even happens at the end of a week long trip up north. Vacationing is a nice break, but it’s never really the same as being home.

My home feels like home, like a spiritual center, a starting point. It can feel claustrophobic if we spend too much time indoors, but it’s ultimately a relaxing place to be. Read On…

Stress is Good


Not all stress is good, but controlled, measured stress is good.

Chronic stress is bad, especially uncontrolled, unmonitored stress. That is the kind of thing that raises cortisol, raises blood pressure, causes overeating, fills your arteries, wears you down and eventually gives you a heart attack.

What kind of stress is good stress?

I’ve grouped them into physical vs mental.

Good physical stresses: Read On…

Midnight Workouts

During the summer in high school and college, my friend Matt and I would get student¬†memberships to Lifetime Fitness. Lifetime Fitness, for those who’ve never been there, is not a low-rent gym. It was the nicest, largest fitness center we had ever seen. It had endless workout equipment, a dry sauna, wet sauna, pool, and even tanning beds.

It was a perfect place to spend a few hours in the summer. But, it would be swamped in the after-work hours every day. So, we went at midnight or later.

There was something luxurious having this entire place to ourselves. Selecting the machines we wanted and having plenty of space to move around – it felt like it was all there for us. Read On…