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Coffee Headache

I have been relying on coffee more and more lately (again) despite having gone completely cold turkey this year during Lent. The reason I go back to it is that not being caffeinated every day means that when I do drink coffee, it’s nuts. I feel 1000% motivation for whatever I’m doing. I enjoy it, but I know it’s not real – it’s just tapping my adrenal glands for a boost, something that is not repeatable.

I also don’t enjoy the headaches that come from it. I will probably continue to not make coffee a daily choice, but will continue to enjoy it sparingly here and there.

Dinner Delivery

We’re trying out a meal delivery service called Sprinly. I was never interested in most of them because they either weren’t healthy & plant-based OR they made you chop stuff up and cook it yourself. Buying ingredients is not the hard part, especially thanks to Instacart.

We had our first meal last night and it was pretty dang good. It was a zucchini noodle pad thai. My only complaint with zucchini noodles is that it can be super low-calorie. We have 2 more dinners to try this week and I think they will be great too.

What I appreciated most was not having to cook or clean up. It saved us like 1 entire hour, at least, in my evening and an untold amount of mental effort. I’d much rather hang out with the kids and do something else with my time. I got a 3 mile run done and Jess started building our Ikea dresser, both of which would not have happened if we had tried to make dinner last night, at least not both of those things.

I think Sprinly is great and I hope we can use them for a long time to come.

Long Run

Today I got lost in the run and went for 7 miles. I was also listening to Rich Roll’s book Finding Ultra so maybe that was some of my inspiration. 

The kids are having a blast up here and loving the fire, the beach and all of the toys. I love it here.

Running in the woods

Running up north is so much better than running at home. The roads are soft, the forest is lush, the miles come so much easier. I went 4 miles Sunday, 6 Monday and about 3.5 today. I plan to keep it up the pace.

Fitbit Sleep Notifications

I set up my Fitbit and IFTTT to text me how much sleep I got the previous night. I never think to actually look. This is cool because it texts me in the morning when I know exactly how I feel about the previous nights sleep. The other day, it said I got 4 hours of sleep, which is how I felt. Today it said I got 7 hours, and I feel a lot better. 

I just need to make sure that I’m not just accidentally feeling how I think I should feel after getting that daily information. 

13 Personal Rules

One of the most valuable tips I’ve gotten from Craig Ballantyne (among many) is to create your set of personal rules.  It’s freeing to make some decisions for yourself ahead of time, decide what you will and won’t do, so that you can use your brainpower on more important things.

Craig’s rules govern a lot about how he goes about his day and how he creates content. Those rules work for him. I followed his example and wrote my own rules. I think mine are bit more generic, save a few, but they resonate with me and make me happy.

Here are my 13 personal rules: Read On…


Not drinking coffee means that when you do decide to have coffee, it can send you on a trip. I had some yesterday, which was delicious, but I probably shouldn’t have had that much. It almost made it difficult to sleep 6 hours later.

Running felt easy

I ran a really fast loop around the neighborhood yesterday, about 1 mile. I only went that far because the family needed me back and I wanted to get a short workout in. What surprised me is that I ran it in the fastest time I ever had before (7:40), and it felt easy. I probably could’ve gone faster.

This feels good because it means I’m building up my aerobic base. I want to keep it up and maybe do an easy 30-40 minutes of running more often.

I have adjusted my personal target of a 24 minute 5K to 22 minutes. This will be a stretch goal, but I have a few months to get into shape for it.

30 Day Challenges

I have always liked the idea of improving myself, setting goals and reaching them and seeing what potential lies inside of me. But I don’t know if others have that same curiosity. I think there’s doubt in peoples’ confidence of their ability to change permanently and therefore they don’t want to waste the effort.

That’s where 30 day challenges come in. They make it all a game. There’s no long term commitment – you only have to try for 30 days. What’s 30 days in the course of your life (especially if it can possibly change it forever)?

This comes from my experience with Lent. I gave up coffee for Lent, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever given up. I felt awful for a few days, dazed for few weeks and finally felt better after about 2 weeks without my daily coffee. Now, Lent is long over and I don’t drink daily coffee. I have it occasionally and when the mood strikes, but not daily. I don’t want to return to that dependence and those flu-like symptoms if I don’t have it.

Would I ever have tried to go without coffee if not for the “safe space” that Lent provides? Probably not. I want that experience year-round. I’ve given up other things in my life and sometimes they come back and sometimes they stay out. I have given up all animal products, TV, facebook and alcohol as examples. Animal products are still out, but TV, facebook and alcohol are back, but in a much reduced capacity. And that’s the beauty! Kicking something out of your life and going without helps you to reset your level and realize just how much you might be overindulging so that when you take it back in, you can adjust it way down as you see fit. Read On…

Wim Hof Method

I’m really interested in the physical and mental benefits of the Wim Hof Method. It’s a breathing, exercise and cold therapy program that tests your physical limits. You’re able to improve immune function, improve breath holding and improve energy levels since breathing and cold therapy are very effective.