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I took the kids to the library, the grocery store and to the hardware store in a desperate attempt to clear the house for for a few hours. Before Cece’s party tomorrow, we need the house cleaned and the only way to do that quickly is to let one person just attack it without any kids in the way.

We had fun at the library until Cece started pulling every book from the shelf – that’s when we decided to leave.

Party Prep

This Sunday, 50-60 family and friends will descend on our house. The last time we threw a party this big was for Sully’s first birthday two years ago. The big difference was we were in a house that was less than 1/2 as big as our house now.

This party will be a lot more enjoyable for that reason – we’ll actually have a lot more seating and space to move around. Sully’s party was packed and tough to even move around.

If the weather holds, or even if it doesn’t, it will be a great day for us and for Cecilia!

Neighborhood Pool Party

Last night, we went to a neighborhood gathering at the pool. This is another reason I love our new neighborhood. This event was targeted towards people with older kids, kids that can swim and handle themselves at a pool, but we went anyway to meet people.

We met a lot of nice people and had some snacks. I know we’ll have plenty of time in the future to enjoy the pool and hang out with people there. It does cost money to join the pool, so we went as guests last night, but we will join in the future when the kids are old enough to use it regularly.

Work day

My parents came over today to help us with our the house again. We are preparing for the big birthday bash next weekend, and we have a lot of loose ends to fix around the house. I filled in little trim gaps around the doors where the tile floors were taken out. It looks a lot better now – just needs paint.

We took a long walk after my parents left and played at the park. Despite the heat, it was fairly overcast and there was a breeze, so it was a nice evening to be outside.

We couldn’t have gotten as much done without my parents helping with kids and on projects. They are amazing.

Art Fair Week

Art Fair week in Ann Arbor is a great week. Thousands of people come from all over to attend the art fairs and enjoy Ann Arbor. Many despise it for what it does to the traffic in the area, but I always say to them, do you want to live in the type of city that holds annual art fairs, or not? I will attend the art fairs with family probably Thursday and Friday.

Cece’s First Birthday

We are currently planning the first birthday part for Cece. The surprising part is how fast her first year has gone. I remember Sully’s first birthday felt like a decade from when he was born. Everything was much slower, more deliberate. But with two, nothing is ever still. We are in constant motion.

It makes me a little sad to think about time moving quickly, but it’s really just my perception of time. That is why I really try to slow down and enjoy moments throughout the day and not think about large blocks of time.

Cece’s party will be a lot of fun, and much easier with our bigger house to plan it in. But there was something fun about cramming 50 people into our living room to watch him open presents and smash a monster cake. Cece will get the same treatment, but in a much bigger space.

Water balloons

Sully filled up these water balloons that are super easy to fill and then him and Gangi called me over to sneak attack me. Sully thought this was hilarious. What a great day up north. The weather was perfect and the kids got lots of beach time and loved playing with each other.

Mom’s Birthday

Today we all met at Chive Kitchen in Farmington for mom’s birthday. The food is all vegan and was delicious. They only serve brunch on Sunday. Everybody loved their food. 

New Baby

Last night, my niece was born. I am excited to meet her today. I am even more excited because I know what it’s like for new parents and this time in their lives will always be clear in their minds. There’s so much potential, so much excitement and so much love in that little package and the parents have no idea yet.


Sully loves to pretend. He gets on my back and pretends I’m a car and drives me to the grocery store to get groceries. He gets out at the store, shops and then gets back in and drives home. He gets out at home and then presents me with all of his purchases. It’s awesome.

One thing I learned from a parenting book recently is that kids don’t pretend for the sake of pretending. They are mimicking what we do. They are doing what we do, as closely as they can. They aren’t pretending for the sake of pretending.  Read On…