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You Left and I Missed You

I went to tutor last night, after a long day out and about and I didn’t want to leave. Sully wanted to come with me, he even told me he could come. I told him what I was going to do was like work and I couldn’t take him.

When I got back, he told me that I left and that he missed me. He’s so articulate and sweet lately. I thought about next week when I leave to go to a conference and I don’t want to leave the kids. They are so loving and happy, it’s going to be sad to go.

Baptism for Baby

Today we are going to my niece’s baptism in Milford. It will be fun to see her in her dress and then to celebrate with family afterwards.

Big Boy Park

Sully rode his bike all the way to the park we call the big boy park. It’s toys are taller and more interesting. Usually when he takes the bike to a destination, he gives up on the way and ends up in the stroller, but not today.

He made it the whole way there without any direction from me. It’s probably 1/3 of a mile away, so it’s not like it’s the park behind our house.

Cece can feed herself with a spoon without making a crazy mess as well. These kids are so independent already!

Tired kids

The upside of daycare is that my kids are worn out by the time they come home. They are ready for bed almost an hour earlier! That’s also because they are waking up earlier too. We have been through two days of daycare and I think it has been a really positive experience for both of them. They are getting used to all of their teachers. Sully is learning how to navigate the different aspects of his day – he can even go and see Cece in her classroom if he wants to.


Today, our kids are going to daycare for the first time, all day. We are super nervous and excited for them to enjoy it. I think we picked a really great place with awesome people, so I have a lot of confidence they will come home happy and tired.

Cider Mill birthday

Today we went to three cedars farm for a friend’s birthday party. What a cool place. They have tons of stuff for kids including a train, hat ride, slides, animals, and a talking silo which was actually a little creepy. 

Sully rode the train twice. He loved it. There was also a tractor he got to sit on and some little tractor bikes you could ride around on. I couldn’t believe how many people were there as the day progressed. We got there right as they opened but it was already getting crowded. It was a lot of fun and already felt a lot like fall 

Day Care Test

The kids will both start day care next week so they spent a good amount of time yesterday hanging out there with Jess to get a feel for the different rooms and to meet the teachers. Cece was the social one, meeting every kid and playing every toy. Sully was a bit more reserved, but you could tell he was interested too. I am excited for them to start since it will be a lot of new interaction, new things to learn and an entirely new social situation for them to figure out.

Buses are Back to Normal

They finally opened the new roundabout on the street near me, so the buses can go back to their normal bus stops. It’s a relief because starting next week, we’ll be taking the kids to a daycare on a route that goes through the new roundabout. Not having that open would cause it to take an extra 20 minutes to get them there.

It also lets me return to the closer, more convenient bus stop so I don’t have to walk as far or leave as early as I have for most of the summer.

Driving home on Labor Day

Today, we pack up the car and drive home with the end of summer in mind. Summer doesn’t actually end until Sept 21, but Labor Day is the unofficial end, much like Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning.

To avoid the traffic backups on I-75, we’ll be trying to leave early and watching our Google Maps closely for alternate routes should we need them.

We’ll be back in the fall sometime to winterize the cottage and maybe enjoy some of the fall colors, but we won’t be back en masse until the winter when it’s time to ice skate, snowmobile and play in the snow.


19th Annual Tournament

My wife’s family has been going to the same cottages on the same lake for over 20 years. They used to have an event day where everybody joined up to play some games, but they wanted to do it their own way on their own schedule. So began, The Tournament, to be held every Labor Day weekend marking the end of summer up north.

They have a clipboard with scores from the last 18 years of tournament games, including soccer, banana relay, badminton and poker. Every year, a different group of people participates and the scoring changes a little bit, but the spirit remains the same.