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Long Run

Today I got lost in the run and went for 7 miles. I was also listening to Rich Roll’s book Finding Ultra so maybe that was some of my inspiration. 

The kids are having a blast up here and loving the fire, the beach and all of the toys. I love it here.

Up north week part 2

This we’ll be spending our time at the cottage relaxing and having some fun with the family. I plan to get all of the mowing and hard stuff done first so I can forget about it for the rest of the week. I also want to run daily. Today I ran about 4 miles. Tomorrow I can maybe do 6.

When is the last time

Since my daughter turned 1, we were told by our doctor to stop giving her bottles at night (and to phase them out during the day). I was immediately sad about the prospect of no more bottles because that’s an experience that I realized I would no longer get to have.

Tim Urban from Wait but Why details this exact feeling perfectly in his blog post called the Tail End. You need to read it. It completely opened up my eyes to the reality that life is fleeting and you’d better be savoring every last little bit of it, the good and the bad.

I think we get lost in our heads thinking about the drudgery of our lives, imagining some fantastic future where all of the hard stuff is removed and we’re left to a life of leisure. But that just isn’t how this all goes. The amazing stuff of life is everyday, mundane and seems bland in the moment. Feeding your baby, walking your dog, making dinner for your family, changing a diaper, going for a morning run.

This is the stuff lives are made of.

My helper

My son’s favorite thing to do is whatever I’m doing. He wants to help constantly. We assembled my incline bench last night and he was right there handing me washers and trying to screw parts together. It’s the best.

First year

Cece’s first year feels like it went so fast. I’m sure that’s how it goes for all second children. She seems so grown up food a one year old. She’s making fake sentences, walking 8 steps and loves playing games. I have enjoyed every minute.

Investing in Assets

I tend to not mind spending money on things that I know will help me be better or help my family be better. For example, I convinced everybody that we needed an expensive Vitamix blender, a fancy instant-pot and a new workout bench. All of these things have improved our lives and I would replace them all if they ever broke.

I hate wasting money, like most people. I try to reframe spending money on assets like I described above or education as investing. Another example is Audible. I use Audible everyday to read books I would never get to if they were on a Kindle or paperback.  Read On…

Soccer Test

We found out that friends of ours take their kids to the park for soccer. She told us we should just come and see if Sully would be interested.

He wasn’t interested.

He spent more time on the playset and then going for a long walk down the trail.

I think we’ll come more often so he can get used to the idea and maybe next season he’ll want to play.

What a great day

We had such a great time yesterday.

We had a spontaneous play-doh party. Paul helped Cece eat her cake but never took a bite herself. Henry loved the bubble machine. Olivia helped Cece open her presents. The neighbors and their kids all came and had a great time. The weather was beautiful and tons of good food. I think this was our best party yet and I’m grateful for everyone who helped us put it together, we love you!


I took the kids to the library, the grocery store and to the hardware store in a desperate attempt to clear the house for for a few hours. Before Cece’s party tomorrow, we need the house cleaned and the only way to do that quickly is to let one person just attack it without any kids in the way.

We had fun at the library until Cece started pulling every book from the shelf – that’s when we decided to leave.

Party Prep

This Sunday, 50-60 family and friends will descend on our house. The last time we threw a party this big was for Sully’s first birthday two years ago. The big difference was we were in a house that was less than 1/2 as big as our house now.

This party will be a lot more enjoyable for that reason – we’ll actually have a lot more seating and space to move around. Sully’s party was packed and tough to even move around.

If the weather holds, or even if it doesn’t, it will be a great day for us and for Cecilia!