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Driving up north

Today, we leave for a long trip up north. First, we’re stopping at my mom’s house to celebrate Jon’s 35th birthday and Father’s Day. 

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

The Ann Arbor Summer Festival goes on for about a month. It takes over Washington Street and parts of campus with vendors, stages and events. It used to be called Top of the Park. Tonight, we’re going to visit and take in the sights.

There are movies to watch and music acts to take in – they are different every night.

I like to attend and support the event because I like that it happens in Ann Arbor and I want it to continue.


Air Conditioning

We have a goofy situation at our house, where there’s a fused disconnect coming from a separate interruptible power source from DTE directly to the condenser for the air conditioning. At the condenser, there’s an identical fused disconnect there as well. When we bought the house, the owner happened to mention (conveniently after the sale was complete) that he had lost the pull-out handle that goes in the disconnect by the meter, so the system was inoperable until it was replaced. No problem, I thought – it must be a common item.

It’s not a common item. Read On…

Grad Party Season

Yesterday, we spent most of the day hanging out a neighbor’s graduation party. We did this because our yards are adjoined and Sully loved their playset. He heard them assembling it in the morning, rushed to get his tools and went to go assist them hammering it together.

Later that day, after a walk, we wandered over there and he spent a good amount of the day just climbing in and out of it and meeting other kids too.

Extended Vacation

We’re leaving for a long vacation to the cottage soon and I’m excited. We are going to spend a week at the cottage doing cottage things. 

We have a short list of to-dos up there, like fixing the oven and installing a light switch, but beside that, we’ll be on the beach and at the bonfire relaxing as much as possible.

The kids love the water and Sully will get some car time too. The only bummer is the mosquitos are out in full force. We’ll have to bring some of those personal fans to keep near all of us.

Outside Time

We had such a beautiful weekend here. We spent as much time as possible outside, in the front yard, back yard, sweeping the courts and at the pool. The weather was in the mid-70s for the most part, with a moderate breeze, perfect for playing outside. When the weather is so nice, I almost get anxious about possibly not enjoying it.

I think we savored this weekend enough, though.

Lawn Guru

After my great experience with instacart, I wondered if there was a similar service for lawn mowing. I did some googling and found Lawn Guru. They send you a quote by text message by looking at the footprint of your lawn by Google map images.

The price is not unreasonable and I may try it. First, though, I want to get another quote from someone who already mows nearby to see if they are close in price.

Neighborhood Pool

This weekend is supposed to be great weather. We are going to try to get to the neighborhood pool and try it out. The kids would love it!

Potty Time

Yesterday, without any prompting, my son used his potty seat after bath time. What a great thing! We have read many things that say to now push or pressure it, that they will let you know when they are ready. Well, yesterday my son was ready. I’m super excited for him. We gave him lots of praise and hopefully he’ll want to repeat that experience very soon.