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Parenting has brought up many new emotions in me, especially since we’ve had two kids. The one that stands out most is angry frustration. I always thought of myself as a calm, collected person, but I find I get triggered relatively easily with kids around.

The biggest thing for me is to notice it myself before reacting. I know what would feel good in the moment is to yell or worse. But if I do yell, I immediately feel bad and nobody learns anything.

Jess and I both started reading a book on this subject and it has helped quite a bit. It’s called The Awakened Family. One of the first points in the book is that we are the ones causing the issues, not the kids. The kids are living life, living in the moment. We, however, have expectations and schedules and plans that they don’t know about.

It’s been a great learning experience so far and I already can notice improvements.

Consistent Daily Actions

For losing weight, for increasing income, for learning any skill or achieving anything you want to accomplish, consistent daily action is the key. 

I have noticed that if I stick to something consistently, follow-up with it, and not let it out of my sight, so much good can happen. I’ve lost over 70 lb, gotten jobs I wanted, gotten clients I wanted, learned to play the violin, trumpet and euphonium, improved my strength through weight lifting, and built up my writing portfolio. All this with daily practice, constant and consistent.

It doesn’t stop on weekends. It’s daily. It’s better in the morning because you’re fresher and you can set that time aside easier. If you have trouble establishing a daily morning routine, read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod.

Flip the Gratitude Switch

I’m reading a book by Kevin Clayson about gratitude. It’s really cool because it is not the regular Gratitude advice. It’s more practical and it works.

His key shift is to not just be grateful for things that are already good, but to be grateful for things that you find frustrating throughout your day. This makes it so you reframe everything that might make you mad into something that brings you joy.  Read On…

The Go-Giver

I read a great book awhile back called the Go-Giver. It’s a book about how to achieve stratospheric success. The storyline is an on-going relationship between a hard-working employee, Joe and his mentor, The Chairman.

The laws are: Read On…

The Most Important Skill

The ability the change your mind is one of the most important skills you can acquire. Most people cannot or are slow to change their minds.

The problem is that the world is constantly changing, new information is coming to light, new regimes are coming to power, new research is being conducted, new controversies are being exposed.

Things change, that’s the one constant of life. Without the ability to adapt, you quickly get left behind.

One major obstacle for the masses is their ego. Admitting you’ve been wrong all this time is hard – it means your ego has to take a hit (that’s why Ryan Holiday says the Ego is the Enemy, great book). Read On…

Become an Idea Machine

One practice I’ve done now for 174 days in a row is called Flexing Your Idea Muscle. I got this idea from the book Become an Idea Machine by Claudia Azula Altucher. It goes something like this.

The idea that ideas are ‘a dime a dozen’ is broken. Ideas are the currency of our lives. Anytime you embark on something worth doing, having an idea about your next step is automatic. What Claudia proposes is that we can exercise and improve that ‘muscle’ that gives out ideas.

The book is largely comprised of writing prompts, ideas to have ideas for. I began to incorporate this into my morning routine, writing 10 ideas for one of her prompts, right before I get into journaling. After awhile, I used up all of her prompts and began to write my own. In fact, one of my idea generating practices is to generate ten more ideas to generate ideas for! Meta! Read On…

5 Minute Journal

The 5 Minute Journal is a fantastic introduction to daily journaling and daily gratitude practice.

I received mine about a year ago and began using it regularly. What does it include?

Read On…

Daily Meditation

Ever since researching meditation, I’ve wanted to establish a daily practice. I was never able, though.

I read the Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod in May of 2015 and it shifted my thinking. I learned that a daily practice of anything is not just the stuff of self-development book lore. People actually do it and it is actually possible for me. I began attempting to wake up early to attempt my routine in May of 2015. I failed miserably. Read On…

Rejection Proof

I read this book by Jia Jang awhile back and I really enjoyed it. It deals with fear of rejection by practicing being rejected.

This resonated with me because the premise is exposure to something that is terrifying, on a repeated basis, until you are completely comfortable being rejected. Then, you will more likely be willing to take on new and daring projects without any fear of rejection.  Read On…