Caffeine Withdrawal

For Lent, I decided to give up caffeine. This means my morning coffee. I decided it would be the toughest thing I could give up.

Day 1 was rough. I had a pretty strong headache behind my eyes around 10am. I took some motrin which helped, but couldn’t shake the brain fog and achiness I was feeling.

Dinner helped, but I still felt like I almost had the flu for the rest of the evening. I fell asleep quickly and slept about 8 hours. In the morning, I felt a lot better. I think I’m out of the woods with headaches. I might experience more lethargy today, but I think it will be a lot better than yesterday.

I almost brewed a hibiscus tea this morning before I realized it had some caffeine in it. Not the same amount as coffee, but still it has some caffeine. Bummer. Looks like I’m sipping hot water today!

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