Busy & Fun

Sully’s second birthday bash is over. We had fun. Most importantly, he had fun. Like I mentioned before, we invited only family and had a decidedly smaller celebration. I think our sanity was much improved, although I did find myself frantically making coffee and trying to coordinate the events as best as I could.

What a difference a year makes. This year, Sully initiated the opening of presents and he also interacted with everyone! He goes to someone, usually someone new every time, grabs their hand and takes them to what he is requesting assistance with. How great is that. He knows what he wants, and he know who he wants to help him get it. I love that.

I have some concerns that he’ll be especially shy, though we will try and make sure he gets enough socializing to get him used to interacting with new people. But this shows me that he can recognize people he knows quickly and jump right into a situation, even going so far as to grab their hand and walk them around. That’s confidence, especially for a 2 year old.

I enjoyed the party, the weather was perfect (another 70 degree fall day) and Sully was in his element. Surrounded by people he loves, playing with dozens of new toys, getting all of the attention. I loved it and I love that he had a great time. We did too.

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