Breaking a Habit

I used to force myself to write here daily. It was a good practice for awhile, but it’s time to give it up. I did it for over a year and I learned what I needed to learn.

  1. I can do it. It’s not impossible.
  2. I found writing easier when I lowered my barrier to entry and did it regularly.
  3. I feel better after getting something published, or shipped as Seth Godin would put it.
  4. I like the transparency of putting something out regularly.

I also learned that I started phoning it in, writing shorter and shorter blurbs just to fulfill the commitment. That’s when I knew it was ceasing to serve it’s purpose for me.

I think I have a fear of getting charged up for something only to let it die prematurely. Committing to writing here daily was my response to that. But now that I’ve done it successfully for a long enough period, I can set that arbitrary requirement aside and just write when as often as I want, without guilt.

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