Big Changes

Recently, we heard about a lot of big changes at work that were unexpected, to say the least. My job is secure at this point, but it shook everybody, including me, quite a bit.

I spent the night thinking about all of the potential impacts to my current daily work and what the future could hold.

The plus side is I think it has a very positive impact on what my group does, allowing for a greater level of visibility and leverage of resources. I also believe that it made me wake up a little bit and realize this isn’t permanent. Nothing is.

We should avoid being comfortable because everything is always changing. Sometimes the change shows up in a big and visible way and other times it’s slow, creeping change. Nothing ever remains the same.

This was a great reminder to keep improving, keep adding value and keep my eyes open for opportunities that can pop up when you least expect it.

My fear since taking this job, since it was one that I was familiar with before joining, was that I might be too comfortable. I have challenged this notion by setting goals and reporting those goals publicly to try and stay accountable, at the very least, to myself.

This has shook me out of any comfort I was feeling and I am very hopeful for the future of our group.

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