Bachelor Mondays

Last night, my kids and wife were at my in-laws because we needed childcare during the day and Jess had to be in training. This meant that she and the kids wouldn’t be home until 9. This reminded me of the time when she would stay at her parents every Monday night and I would have the house to myself. It’s nice. It’s quiet.

I miss everybody, but I almost felt overwhelmed with options on how to use this time. Last night, I went about my normal business of running, lifting and making dinner. But with my remaining time? I cleaned up and then just sat around. It wasn’t wasted – I felt like I could actually sit and relax and not worry about who was about to flip the dog’s water or who was about to smack their sister with a watering can.

Of course, I missed them and wanted them to come back, but I can definitely see the benefits of recharging during a few hours of uninterrupted peace.

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