Air Conditioning

We have a goofy situation at our house, where there’s a fused disconnect coming from a separate interruptible power source from DTE directly to the condenser for the air conditioning. At the condenser, there’s an identical fused disconnect there as well. When we bought the house, the owner happened to mention (conveniently after the sale was complete) that he had lost the pull-out handle that goes in the disconnect by the meter, so the system was inoperable until it was replaced. No problem, I thought – it must be a common item.

It’s not a common item.

Every manufacturer has their own version of how those handles are made and even worse, this disconnect was probably 20 or more years old, so there was no chance to finding a handle replacement.

Time to replace the entire box.

My father-in-law and I spent a couple hours yesterday getting it ready to replace. We also had some fireworks when we used the wrong port on my multimeter (whoops).

We put in a new disconnect and everything fired up alright. It was a relief yesterday to have some cooling inside since it was almost 90 all day and supposed to be more of the same all week.

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