5 Second Rule

I just started Mel Robbin’s book 5 Second Rule¬†and I am enjoying it. It teaches the impossibly simple, but weirdly effective 5 Second Rule, where you count backwards from 5 whenever you want to begin doing something you don’t have the motivation to do. The most common example being to get out of bed when the alarm rings and not hit the snooze button.

When I tell other people about this, it seems like, how can that be an entire book? It’s true – I feel like it might have a bit of fluff. It might have sufficed as a really solid article. But, it might not carry as much weight as an article. People may tend to shrug it off if it had just been 1000 words on a blog somewhere.¬†

This book lays out the hundreds of ways people are using the 5 second rule to improve their lives and they are all really motivating. It’s a simple idea, so simple it feels silly, but it really works. I’ve gotten up 4 days in a row now with no snooze and gotten a lot more done in the morning!

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