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Breaking a Habit

I used to force myself to write here daily. It was a good practice for awhile, but it’s time to give it up. I did it for over a year and I learned what I needed to learn.

  1. I can do it. It’s not impossible.
  2. I found writing easier when I lowered my barrier to entry and did it regularly.
  3. I feel better after getting something published, or shipped as Seth Godin would put it.
  4. I like the transparency of putting something out regularly.

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Best Weather of the Year

This time of year is amazing. We have 70-75 in the daytime, warm late into the evening, and then the nights get chilly, around 40-50. This is the best weather of the year.

Hot stews, bonfires and sweatshirts are all appropriate this time of year. When it’s obnoxiously hot or cold out, we’re so far from our normal range of comfort that it’s easy to hate the weather. But when it’s in the shoulder season, in the fall, where we hover right around our natural comfort range, it’s much nicer.


Back in the Office

I find that getting back to work after an extended absence is best done by making a brain dump to-do list. Being overwhelmed by all of the email and “post-trip” follow-up items can be a recipe for not starting anything difficult. But getting it all on paper makes it feel like you can actually start something and not lose track of any of the other things you are holding tenuously in your mind.