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Visiting a Conference

I spent the week at a conference and seminar. I learned a lot at the seminar, mostly because I signed up to take a test at the end. So I had to pay close attention. I also talked to a lot of vendors in the expo area that had a lot of good information for me and new things to try. 

Conference Week

This week I’ll be at a conference in Atlanta. I’m hoping this is interesting and I learn a lot from the class and certification I’m taking. I’ll miss this kids an Jess the most though.

Blue Jeep Car

Sully got a big present from his grandparents for his birthday and he loves it. It’s a power wheels blue Jeep. He calls it Blue Jeep car andvi love that he calls it that. He’s getting really good at driving it all over the neighborhood.  He can even drive his sister around in it.


It’s so hot. It’s hotter than any day I can remember from this summer. What’s going on? We had to use our A/C more lately because it’s so hot and humid. I’m ready for cooler weather.


I will be going to a seminar and a conference next week. I am not excited to leave my family behind, especially with my kids being so stressed lately with the addition of daycare. I know they’ll be okay, but my son just doesn’t understand why people leave him right now.


You Came Back for Me

My son was fine at daycare all day. Then my wife went to pick him up and when he saw her, he began crying and said, “you came back for me!” I can’t handle that kind of vulnerability! What was he thinking when she left, that she’d never come back? What does he think is the purpose of leaving them there all day? What do other kids think when they get dropped off?

I remember being left at a camp during the day and my mom being really late to pick me up. It made me sad and upset with her because the camp counselors had to wait with me and treat me differently. Why couldn’t she be on time? With no cell phones, it was impossible to get a status update, I just had to sit and wait.

I think that’s the reason I’m chronically early to things – sometimes uncomfortably early. I arrive to meetings too early with nowhere to wait beforehand and end up inside awkward conversations.

Coffee Headache

I have been relying on coffee more and more lately (again) despite having gone completely cold turkey this year during Lent. The reason I go back to it is that not being caffeinated every day means that when I do drink coffee, it’s nuts. I feel 1000% motivation for whatever I’m doing. I enjoy it, but I know it’s not real – it’s just tapping my adrenal glands for a boost, something that is not repeatable.

I also don’t enjoy the headaches that come from it. I will probably continue to not make coffee a daily choice, but will continue to enjoy it sparingly here and there.

Bad News

Bad news can come from anywhere, at any time. What I’ve learned through the years is that all you can control is yourself, your actions and how you react to things around you. Bad things that happen, as well as good things, may be random or may be caused by your actions, but once they happen, that’s it. There is no need to fret over something you can’t change now.

Your best reaction now is to look for any lesson and chalk up any previous mistakes to what Dave Ramsey calls a “stupid tax”.

You Left and I Missed You

I went to tutor last night, after a long day out and about and I didn’t want to leave. Sully wanted to come with me, he even told me he could come. I told him what I was going to do was like work and I couldn’t take him.

When I got back, he told me that I left and that he missed me. He’s so articulate and sweet lately. I thought about next week when I leave to go to a conference and I don’t want to leave the kids. They are so loving and happy, it’s going to be sad to go.

Baptism for Baby

Today we are going to my niece’s baptism in Milford. It will be fun to see her in her dress and then to celebrate with family afterwards.