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Dinner Delivery

We’re trying out a meal delivery service called Sprinly. I was never interested in most of them because they either weren’t healthy & plant-based OR they made you chop stuff up and cook it yourself. Buying ingredients is not the hard part, especially thanks to Instacart.

We had our first meal last night and it was pretty dang good. It was a zucchini noodle pad thai. My only complaint with zucchini noodles is that it can be super low-calorie. We have 2 more dinners to try this week and I think they will be great too.

What I appreciated most was not having to cook or clean up. It saved us like 1 entire hour, at least, in my evening and an untold amount of mental effort. I’d much rather hang out with the kids and do something else with my time. I got a 3 mile run done and Jess started building our Ikea dresser, both of which would not have happened if we had tried to make dinner last night, at least not both of those things.

I think Sprinly is great and I hope we can use them for a long time to come.

End of August

Summer felt like it went quickly. I’ll remember this summer as the one we spent at the park, in the yard, playing with bubbles and being outside a lot. 

Craigslist is great

We moved in March of this year. Since March, I have had no dresser. In our old house, my  bedroom was so small that we couldn’t fit anything besides a bed, so we kept all of our clothes in a closet.

My current closet is too small to fit everything and our master bedroom is huge, so I would like to use a dresser.

After much research across many, many stores, we settled back on Ikea. We picked a color and style we like and we bought the first one, a low dresser for Jess. We picked it up and assembled it and we like it a lot.

Next would be my dresser, a tall version of the same dresser. But, it’s so popular that it’s never in stock. So I waited, and waited and waited… Read On…

Busy Weekend + No Sleep

We had a packed weekend of activity. It was great. But, Cece is not sleeping well lately. She had a fever at the end of last week and now she can’t sleep on her own – she has to be near me. So that has led to me feeling exhausted this Monday morning.

Coffee will be my saving grace today.

Five Dollar Amtrak

Today, we are taking everybody to Detroit on the Amtrak because it’s only $5 per person! Sully loves the train and it’s an easy way to travel, so it should be a good time. We’re going to ride the QLine up and down Woodward to get to the Riverwalk and to dinner. Family will be meeting us there – should be fun!

Drumline on the Diag

Today, we’re heading to the diag on the bus to watch the drumline perform. The kids should enjoy that. Getting both kids on the bus with a stroller can be a challenge though.

Cool nights

All of the sudden, we have 47 degree evenings here. It feels like fall. Spring and Fall both are amazing times of the year and both evoke this feeling or renewal or nostalgia. I think Spring is renewal and Fall is nostalgia.

Being on campus, the nostalgia is especially thick every year with all of the fall traditions, the smells and the overall atmosphere. The cold temperatures and smells around outside are what bring it out.

Not this Saturday but the next Saturday

It’s almost time for the greatest time of the year – college football.

It sneaks up quickly. I am always torn between not wanting summer to end and wanting college football to start. I have noticed the band practicing nearby and I want to take the kids to go and watch – they would love it.


Day Care 2

Scratch what I said yesterday. My kids will not attend the place we visited.

Why would you make toddlers sleep with shoes on? Because of a possible fire alarm? Can’t you go outside without shoes if there’s a fire?

Why is it freezing cold and why is there nursery rhyme music blaring, louder than I’ve ever put music on in our house?

Why on a beautiful day has no child been outside yet (and no plans to)?

I don’t think we’ve found our solution yet, but we’ll most likely keeping having someone come to the home for care rather than sending them to that place.


Day Care

We are currently touring different daycares in our area to see what they are like and if our kids may enjoy spending time there. Everyone has an opinion on each one and it’s tough to really know what is good or bad without visiting.

We have been fortunate to not need daycare until now. Both kids have had the opportunity to spend all of their time at home with their mom, dad or another family member. I realize most families don’t have that luxury.

As we visit each one, I wonder, what is really valuable to me? Sparkling, shining surfaces? Hourly reports of every bit of food eaten? State-of-the-art classrooms and play structures?  Read On…