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What a great day

We had such a great time yesterday.

We had a spontaneous play-doh party. Paul helped Cece eat her cake but never took a bite herself. Henry loved the bubble machine. Olivia helped Cece open her presents. The neighbors and their kids all came and had a great time. The weather was beautiful and tons of good food. I think this was our best party yet and I’m grateful for everyone who helped us put it together, we love you!


I took the kids to the library, the grocery store and to the hardware store in a desperate attempt to clear the house for for a few hours. Before Cece’s party tomorrow, we need the house cleaned and the only way to do that quickly is to let one person just attack it without any kids in the way.

We had fun at the library until Cece started pulling every book from the shelf – that’s when we decided to leave.

Party Prep

This Sunday, 50-60 family and friends will descend on our house. The last time we threw a party this big was for Sully’s first birthday two years ago. The big difference was we were in a house that was less than 1/2 as big as our house now.

This party will be a lot more enjoyable for that reason – we’ll actually have a lot more seating and space to move around. Sully’s party was packed and tough to even move around.

If the weather holds, or even if it doesn’t, it will be a great day for us and for Cecilia!

Neighborhood Pool Party

Last night, we went to a neighborhood gathering at the pool. This is another reason I love our new neighborhood. This event was targeted towards people with older kids, kids that can swim and handle themselves at a pool, but we went anyway to meet people.

We met a lot of nice people and had some snacks. I know we’ll have plenty of time in the future to enjoy the pool and hang out with people there. It does cost money to join the pool, so we went as guests last night, but we will join in the future when the kids are old enough to use it regularly.


In my quest to explore new media, I have downloaded and posted to Anchor. Anchor is a social audio service that acts as a radio. It will even take what you’ve posted as audio and automatically create a podcast for you.

The audio length is 5 minutes, which is plenty for a radio format. I am going to post daily and my theme is ten ideas per day. That’s it. It’s based on the book Become an Idea Machine by Claudia Azula Altucher.

If you can come up with ten ideas per day, every day, you will strengthen your “idea muscle” making it possible for you to accomplish anything you want, get out of or into any circumstances you can think of. Read On…

Cooler Weather

What a relief this cooler weather has been. The last few weeks have been very warm and humid, making it so being outside during the peak of the sun was unbearable. But this week is supposed to be a break from that. We have had the windows open to cool the house and it’s amazing. This is my favorite kind of summer weather – not too humid or hot, but still warm during the day and a little cool at night. Perfect.

Activation Energy

With a long to-do list, it can seem daunting to begin working on any one task. We often make our to-do lists known by posting them on our family whiteboard in the kitchen. Sometimes I overestimate what I can physically accomplish in one day. But what really helps me is to know that each task comes with a resistance to get started.

In chemistry, it is the activation energy required to begin a chemical reaction. It’s usually a spike in energy required at the beginning, and then the reaction carries on itself with little or no added energy. Just beginning your day requires activation energy – getting out of bed (higher energy) vs hitting snooze (low energy).  Read On…

Lightning Bugs

I love watching lightning bugs. I don’t know why. Maybe because they signify a very specific part of summer. Late, hot summer. And they are only out right before dusk. They evoke a sense of magic, of wonder, that feeling from your childhood that summer is special and should be savored. 

Work day

My parents came over today to help us with our the house again. We are preparing for the big birthday bash next weekend, and we have a lot of loose ends to fix around the house. I filled in little trim gaps around the doors where the tile floors were taken out. It looks a lot better now – just needs paint.

We took a long walk after my parents left and played at the park. Despite the heat, it was fairly overcast and there was a breeze, so it was a nice evening to be outside.

We couldn’t have gotten as much done without my parents helping with kids and on projects. They are amazing.