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Pigs & Bunnies

Today, we visited Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary and got a fantastic tour. Sully enjoyed seeing all of the rabbits and even held one. The pigs are huge! We fed them potato snacks after they did some tricks for us. If you want to adopt an animal, consider checking out Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary.

Full Day

Today, we did a lot.

We scoped out the neighborhood garage sales and picked up a sweet Michigan chair and a puzzle for the kids.

Jess and Cece went to a baby shower for Dede. While they were gone, Sully and I made cookies, fixed Cece’s crib and then took the bus down to campus to explore. Sully liked the chance to get out and ride the bus. We saw the construction site for the Biological Science Building with all of the construction equipment there. We even ran into our photographer friend at the League on our way to get a snack.

Once Jess and Cece came home, we went to a baby’s first birthday party with the kids. Sully and Cece enjoyed the toys they had and we had a good time hanging out with friends.

These are the kinds of days to savor because they are so full of experiences, you never want them to end.

Farm Sanctuary

This weekend, I’m taking up my friends offer to give our family a tour of a farm sanctuary nearby. They keep pigs, bunnies and turtles. Sully is going to love it.

My friend got involved with it because they bought what was called a “teacup pig” which turned out to be a scam. The pig grew to 250+ pounds and became a huge burden to them. They kept him, but ended up getting involved in this sanctuary when they needed vet help for him.

I am excited for Sully to get a chance to hold a bunny and pet a pig. Should be a lot of fun.

Counting Calories again?

I used to count calories to ensure I wasn’t exceeding my daily allowance. It works really well, when you stick to it. It works more because you tend to eat less when you know you have to track it if you eat it. It also works because you begin to understand the relative calorie counts for various foods you routinely eat.

That fistful of almonds? 180 calories. Wow. That’s about 30 minutes of walking. Is it worth it? Read On…

Summer is Here

We cracked 80 degrees yesterday – I actually considered using the air conditioning to go to sleep. It’s so nice. The kids spent all day outside playing in the water table. I am excited about the whole summer – we have two weeks booked to be up north and I can’t wait.

Deep Sleep

There’s a certain feeling that isn’t that common, that shows up after I wake up from a deep sleep – probably a dreaming sleep. It’s disorienting. I feel like I left another world and completely forgot about how to be in this one. That happened to me this morning as I was awoken by a thunderstorm.

I tried to grasp at the dreams, but they are hard to remember and seem to just evaporate.


Live Traps

We used live traps to catch the mice. I didn’t have the heart to buy kill traps. It seems like hypocrisy to not eat animals because of ethics and then to turn around and kill them for happening to wander into my home.

If they were hurting or endangering us, sure, if killing is the only way, then so be it. But these were the cutest mice and their only harm was they ate a bag of walnuts we needed for a recipe. So they cost me some money and left some poop around, but nothing crazy.

The traps worked really well. We caught three mice in two nights and then released them in a field area near the outer limits of the city.

Amazing Mother’s Day

What a gorgeous day. We started off the day by driving two mice out to a farm to be dropped off. We made a delicious brunch for my mom and dad. They stayed for awhile and walked with us around the block.

I took the kids for a long bike ride so they could nap and Jess could nap too. Then I picked up Jess and then continued our ride together.

We went to the park after dinner and saw friends and stayed there for awhile. The weather was perfect. 

Sully and I worked out in the garage and​then he insisted on one last bike ride before bed, because we didn’t want the day to end.

Moving Day again?

No, not us again. We helped out cousin move today and it was about 100x smaller than our move. We got to see their neighborhood and house – both are very nice. I am excited to see them get settled and eventually start a family.

A Mouse

We have a mouse in our house. No, it’s not a Dr. Seuss book, it’s something way less fun.

I don’t know what we’ll do, probably pick up some traps and see if they work. In the meantime, we need to protect the food that’s in plastic or paper containers. They are going crazy with the dog food and any bags with nuts in the in the pantry. It’s a bummer because now we need to rethink how we store food for a few days.

The good part is all of the food I had put in Mason jars are safe.